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  1. Dear all, I have a nanopi neo plus 2 and i need a realtime kernel to support mpd and SPDIF, where can i get one or how do i make one ? Thanks in advance, Klaas Eenkhoorn
  2. All, Who is using kernel 4.3.0 with Debian Jessie on a cubietruck and what kernel config do you use ? I'm thinking to upgrade my Debian Jessie installation with kernel 4.3.0 but i can't make up my mind what to select to be compiled into the kernel. Thanks in advance, Kl@@s
  3. Dear all, I'm missing ttyS1 from the devicelist on my cubietruck with mainline uboot and debian Jessie kernel 3.18. Now i can not use my bluetooth module because it is not reachable. I've searched on the internet and the defenition of one (or more) uart port seems to be missing in the devicetree dtb file. Like in: http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/382-armbian-on-pcduino3/ Has anyone fixed this for the cubietruck?