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  1. Do you plan to add the nanopi R1S-H5 device in the list in a near future ? Regards
  2. Hi Everyone ! I'm trying to find an Official full guide "How to setup and control GPIO on orange Pi zero devices". I find some parts of informations about it on the net but I don't understand the full steps to do it, it is not enough clear for me. 1) Some people are using unofficial python libraries. But I can see that these libraries seem being a fork from Rpi devices and all GPIO interfaces are not tested. 2) I have found the DT Overlay Guide but it explains only how to setup GPIO (not how to use it in a batch, python or c file)
  3. In some cases, I need the ethernet cable and WiFi : - first time to set up the WiFi and test it. In some other cases, I need only the ethernet cable : - to have a better stable network cnx. And in some other cases, I need only the WiFi cnx : - I don't want to link the opi with a very long cable. - The opi should be mobile and need to be "stored" it in some particulary places. This time, the main problem is not that I have only a WiFi lost when disconnecting the ethernet cable but I can't have any WiFi cnx if the ethernet cable is not plugged. It means
  4. Loose the Wifi cnx when disconnecting the ethernet cable is one thing. But the most annoying is that I don't have any Wifi cnx if I start the opi zero without the ethernet cable. This is like the ethernet cable plugged is required to allow the WiFi cnx starting. I don't think that this is a WiFi cnx "drop" because it appears only when I disconnect the ethernet cable. I don't remember how long I'm waiting. I think I have tested at least one time with more than several minutes.
  5. If I'm alone with this problem, you're probably right. But I don't have the answer at the time I write this post ! The future will say it ! Sometimes, peoples live with some problems without asking some people if we can solve it, so in this manner the problem haven't any chance to be solved.
  6. As I said, with the last ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.25-sunxi, I don't loose the WiFi cnx after an ethernet cable unplug. Please see the 2 attached files. As you can see, I have well one gateway for each network (eth0 and wlan0). I have done 2 times the "route -n" : first with the ethernet cable and second without (unplug). So I think it was a bug. armbian_ssh_cnx_ethernet.txt armbian_ssh_cnx_wifi.txt
  7. Hello, I think having found a WiFi issue when connecting an Orange Pi zero device to an Access Point device based on the Atheros AR9280 chip. 1 Armbian_5.75_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.20 1.1 After installed the last Ubuntu Armbian image nmtui tool doesn't detect the ssid in the list of wifi network 1.2 after sudo apt-get update & upgrade & reboot (-> Armbian v5.75 / Unbuntu 18.04.2LTS / v4.19.25-sunxi) nmtui tool detect the ssid in the list of wifi network I can well connect to this ssid WiFi channel. But
  8. Hi everyone I'm trying to use an Orange Pi Zero but I have some troubles by using Ethernet and WiFi. First, I connect to the pi via SSH by using ethernet IP. Then, I connect to the pi via SSH by using WiFi IP. At this point, all works fine. The problem appears when I disconnect the Ethernet cable. After doing it, I also lose WiFi connexion. my cfg : Armbian v5.25 Debian jessie 3.4.113-sun8i