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  1. Do you plan to add the nanopi R1S-H5 device in the list in a near future ? Regards
  2. Hi Everyone ! I'm trying to find an Official full guide "How to setup and control GPIO on orange Pi zero devices". I find some parts of informations about it on the net but I don't understand the full steps to do it, it is not enough clear for me. 1) Some people are using unofficial python libraries. But I can see that these libraries seem being a fork from Rpi devices and all GPIO interfaces are not tested. 2) I have found the DT Overlay Guide but it explains only how to setup GPIO (not how to use it in a batch, python or c file) 3) Official sunxi documentation In this article, it speaks first about the sysfs method but it seems a deprecated method. SUMMARY : I would like a guide with some examples that explains how to setup and control GPIOs as I/O pin, i2c port, spi port and serial port. 1) a simple example to configure a pin as input : - setup the desired pin as an input - using IO level change event/interruption with a batch, python and c file. 2) other examples with the I2C, SPI and serial port interface. 3) an history overview with all differents ways to do it with their life state (deprecated, official/non-official, etc.)
  3. In some cases, I need the ethernet cable and WiFi : - first time to set up the WiFi and test it. In some other cases, I need only the ethernet cable : - to have a better stable network cnx. And in some other cases, I need only the WiFi cnx : - I don't want to link the opi with a very long cable. - The opi should be mobile and need to be "stored" it in some particulary places. This time, the main problem is not that I have only a WiFi lost when disconnecting the ethernet cable but I can't have any WiFi cnx if the ethernet cable is not plugged. It means that if I start the device without the ethernet cable plugged, I don't have any WiFi cnx. So I can't use the opi in "WiFi only mode". And I have found after about one week of research that the problem seems to appear with my last WiFi Access Point device (that I'm using every day for about 4-6 months from now). I have found this article that I have tried to follow without any success (probably because I have used the Network Manager and the IfUpDown with WiFi together). This is a workaround to manage only the ethernet plug/unplug (not the "only Wifi" case)
  4. Loose the Wifi cnx when disconnecting the ethernet cable is one thing. But the most annoying is that I don't have any Wifi cnx if I start the opi zero without the ethernet cable. This is like the ethernet cable plugged is required to allow the WiFi cnx starting. I don't think that this is a WiFi cnx "drop" because it appears only when I disconnect the ethernet cable. I don't remember how long I'm waiting. I think I have tested at least one time with more than several minutes.
  5. If I'm alone with this problem, you're probably right. But I don't have the answer at the time I write this post ! The future will say it ! Sometimes, peoples live with some problems without asking some people if we can solve it, so in this manner the problem haven't any chance to be solved.
  6. As I said, with the last ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.25-sunxi, I don't loose the WiFi cnx after an ethernet cable unplug. Please see the 2 attached files. As you can see, I have well one gateway for each network (eth0 and wlan0). I have done 2 times the "route -n" : first with the ethernet cable and second without (unplug). So I think it was a bug. armbian_ssh_cnx_ethernet.txt armbian_ssh_cnx_wifi.txt
  7. Hello, I think having found a WiFi issue when connecting an Orange Pi zero device to an Access Point device based on the Atheros AR9280 chip. 1 Armbian_5.75_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.19.20 1.1 After installed the last Ubuntu Armbian image nmtui tool doesn't detect the ssid in the list of wifi network 1.2 after sudo apt-get update & upgrade & reboot (-> Armbian v5.75 / Unbuntu 18.04.2LTS / v4.19.25-sunxi) nmtui tool detect the ssid in the list of wifi network I can well connect to this ssid WiFi channel. But the Wifi cnx is disabled if the following case : The ethernet cable is not plugged. The ethernet cable was connected, then unplugged. Then, after connected to an other WiFi channel : The Wifi cnx works well (normal job) in all cases (with or without an ethernet cable plugged) I'm using a "pFsense based device" with the compex WLE200NX WiFi module. 2 Armbian_5.75_Orangepizero_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.20 I have found the same issue. Regards
  8. Hi everyone I'm trying to use an Orange Pi Zero but I have some troubles by using Ethernet and WiFi. First, I connect to the pi via SSH by using ethernet IP. Then, I connect to the pi via SSH by using WiFi IP. At this point, all works fine. The problem appears when I disconnect the Ethernet cable. After doing it, I also lose WiFi connexion. my cfg : Armbian v5.25 Debian jessie 3.4.113-sun8i