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  1. your secound dtc string is wrong from dts to dtb -I = input type you have dtb should dts -O = output type you have dts should dtb -o = output file = ok also odroid use realtek LAN but many HDMI CRC and HDMI i2c ODROID C1 source file mxq use internal(amlogic) LAN and standart HDMI output MXQ source file i thing your box need also the HDMI Communication CRC and i2c pins to work
  2. How about other dtb files from armbian 21.02.0 any other with display , its more easy to look at dtb files from same Kernel. dtb files from 3.10.0 to 5.10 are more difference -->that why there are not compatible .
  3. ok thank you , looks also bad supported --> ssv6051p is maybe a big brother of 6030p i found some coreElec information and some datasheet from icomm (iottech) they force ssv6051p driver for 6030p Question is the SSV6051p and the patch also inside the rk322x images ssv6xxx-aml-003-force-SSV6051P-when-SSV6030P-is-detected.patch
  4. Hy Group another topic maybe someone can point in the right direction my box has a SCL 9082 Wifi chip , this chip is bad supported . i got hands on an SV6030P wifi modul , pinout is idientical --> how good is this chip supportet at linux ?
  5. this is still a beta for this tv-box. yes when boot from sd-card you should edit uEnv.txt with right dtb file, but it could happen that none of the dtb work. if this happen, than please try one of the older Armbian S812 Version 5.xx with Kernel 3.10.xxx there is a higher chance that one dtb is correct for your box. be aware the dtb files not changeable between 5.xx Kernel and 3.10.xx Kernel
  6. what do you see ? what do mean resolve error ? you do not need toothpick , you do not need recovery , only insert SD-Card and start the box befor patch bootloader-->internal memory-->android after patch without sd-card bootloader-->sd-card-->usb-->internal memory-->android or with sd-card bootloader-->sdcard-->debian
  7. wrong no toothpick needed only insert sd-card or usb and start the box
  8. normaly install aml_autosript.zip from android and than boot from SD-CARD, sometimes install from recovery and very very barly from TWRP it is more a update for bootloader how do flash your sd-card ? ( balenaEtcher, win32_image, linux dd ...)
  9. you are still in Recovery Menu not multiboot it should be more like this Boot from SD: -------------- exit_reason:0x06 set vddee to 0x03e8mv Enter ddr resume pub training time: 2630 ddr resume done store restore gp0 pll cfg15 3b0d000 cfg15 63b0d000 GXBB:BL1:08dafd:0a8993;FEAT:EDFC318C;POC:3;RCY:0;EMMC:0;READ:0;CHK:0; no sdio debug board detected TE: 71706 BL2 Built : 12:06:06, Jun 13 2016. gxb g176ecdb - laiyin.mo@droid12-sz
  10. i do not if it works its from android 4.4 s812 box ( root )OTAUpgrade.apk
  11. You can use S812 image it should also run S805 it depend on dtb you use dtb excange depend on Kernel Armbian 2x.xx ( Kernel 5.xx) you have to edit uEnv.txt Armbian 5.xx (Kernel 3.xx and Kernel 4.xx) than exchange file on boot partition when you always get to recovery then you have missed install aml_autoscript.zip , this activate the multiboot feature ( normally amlogic only boot from internall emmc/nand) the toothbrick methode normally only once when install zip file or from Android setting point firmware update
  12. Dear Charles maybe it helps i also play around with a RK3328 Box , there is the Problem that the SD card is on SDIO Aux port not SDIO_first . thats why this box not boot from sd-card but android is fine . also last row on kingston chip "EMCP" , i found on arrow.com arrow part infos thats also eMCP
  13. Thank you for picture , i have same box (but without the LCD Clock display) with exact same chips on Page one there a list a few box that have the SD card on aux-SDIO port and not on first SDIO port , this also struggle me to boot SD-Card solve : write direct to emmc with PC and male to male cable --> high risk ! i try to get from android terminal to uboot/maskrom mode but without success , i really want to backup android first