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  1. thats a clone of realtek with name S9012P , i had also a box with a similar clone . Its close source and the Manufacture has no real linux driver my solution was reflow/resolder a realtek RTL8723 DS/BS from ali... its pin and pin behavior compatible , but without a proper driver the AP S9012P is useless in linux
  2. @Max Sterg but i could be more stupid like picture of handymenny , when china store also fake the print o chip ( when thats true )
  3. I would say EMCP because on left ro right i see wifi chip ; empty Memory chip space ; the Rk322x ;one Memory chip thats only one memory chip on upper right corner that maybe EMCP (combined RAM and ROM chip) please look at this chip and google it
  4. @Max Sterg there are two ways first way : put the linux image as compress file on the multitool or secound way: first boot multitool , than the partionion get resize to around 2 till 4 gig and than put the compress or unzip files on the multitool @chakatun i got something similar when i start armbian with nand option from rk322x-config tool --> than initram did not know where to start from but i have nand space or maybe you have one of the new emcp memory (RAM and ROM on same chip) than its difficult to boot from internal space
  5. @jock @Max Sterg thats correct the first time the image only occupied some GigaByte , after first run is enlarge . But you you can also put , after burn the sd card , the images as a compressed file on it (tar.zx or something like that) the multitool can decompress this file on the fly ( at the moment this tool burn the image to the box) the one gig is enough for that desktop image
  6. where did android shows this ? , the normal view under settings is easy to manipulate , also some tools like cpu-z sometimes show wrong numbers .
  7. i thing its a missing driver/modul , you should search on github for one and than "make" and "install" the driver because usb had recognize the right device most Armbian build are very short in the addon package to be small in size and many funktion can be add later
  8. Thank you for this Information i Hope many more do good stuff to this box and
  9. your wrong the minimal are the headless variant = that is server like also the dtb is very compatible to all rk322x board , you can use the rk322x-config in bash for your special hardware after first start ( like nand and emmc or ddr2 or ddr3 )
  10. Hello Group some month ago i bought a secound rk3229 box but with a stupid SV9082c wifi chip that is not supported by linux i finally get hands on a rtl8723bs chip from china and succesfully swap the wifi modul . But the the china store mislabel the product and i got a rtl8723ds . fortunately IWFINGER had a driver for this and i succesful build the kernel module and wifi now works . is it possible to insert/activate the rtl8723ds driver in next build of rk322x ? for the kernel module i had to Update the box there i got a message that some driver missing please can you check that @jock
  11. you can rewrite linux again wothout android , done this befor and all fine for me
  12. yes because S812 and S805 are identicial , you can use same image only dtb has to be the right one many label as S8xx
  13. look at this thread somewhere are the yandisk link normally nand install was not possible because no nand driver in the old builds, impressive if you did it why not test the new image with 5.xx kernel also RTL8189 should maybe now work --> which Android One (11.x 9.x 8.x...) ? Never saw someone do this because android 4.4 was last build for S805 , this why android one had no driver for this box
  14. your secound dtc string is wrong from dts to dtb -I = input type you have dtb should dts -O = output type you have dts should dtb -o = output file = ok also odroid use realtek LAN but many HDMI CRC and HDMI i2c ODROID C1 source file mxq use internal(amlogic) LAN and standart HDMI output MXQ source file i thing your box need also the HDMI Communication CRC and i2c pins to work
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