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  1. @truonggiang152 i think its not possible to have docker in Armbian 5.67 because this has only a 3.10.108 Kernel . This Kernel was not and is not compatible to docker
  2. @Nabiloo on 5.77 and 5.44 there should be only two m8s dtb files , your choice is only small. normally a there is a standard dtb ( i thing a mxii one) already on boot folder as dtb.img, on 3.10.108 Kernel image you have to copy and rename your dtb to dtb.img on boot folder some box still with right dtb have the HDMI plug problem , there was a patch with a HDMI plug dongle without cable
  3. @Alex83 be aware S812 is no rk3229 you can deep brik this device , Amlogic has no fallback to sd card when internal memory fail or boot loader missing only real way is to get into boot loader and install aml_autoscript.zip than you get multiboot and can use sdcard as linux boot drive
  4. ricoh rn5t618m is the power managment IC , if this is your main error than also a image can not help you its look like you found the startup problem if the power IC get wrong settings from image maybe a linux can help When you get multiboot activate you can boot from SD or USB , you have not to fear to brick because orginal android is not touched ( get a orginal image is hard to find because of the varity of the box ) maybe someone else can jump in and have more ideas about the thermal problems
  5. i do not know if there will be a new build because balbes150 has stop working on this box , but on kernel GIT and linx GIT there still some person who fix things maybe you have to ask there.
  6. please look at page 33 @jock and a @gnusmag45 have this topic about the JWA60 memory its a eMCP Memory https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12656-csc-armbian-for-rk322x-tv-boxes/?do=findComment&comment=124401
  7. i have a backup of my android 6 (multiboot) but i do not had extract the dtb from Android -> some amazon reseller are als sold this box with android 8 ( but i have not found any update rom from android 6 to android 8 ) thats the one from me android 6 https://www.amazon.de/Neueste-Leelbox-Q2-Android-unterstützt-Schwarz/dp/B074PX2T9R same box with android 8 https://www.amazon.de/Leelbox-Android-Volles-H-265-Version/dp/B07PHK9N31 last website from leelbox(i do not now if this original leelbox website , leelbox-tech is close ) https://www.leelbox.blog/tag/firmware-update/ some android 7.1 https://www.leelbox.blog/2018/05/23/prime-video-not-working-try-to-update-firmware-for-leelbox-rk-chip-android-7-1-tv-box-via-pc/
  8. @jock its look like my Leelbox Q2 board in many ways , but my has AP6255 and the front LCD clock display https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12656-csc-armbian-for-rk322x-tv-boxes/?do=findComment&comment=123806
  9. short goog le and i found OMV has its own network-manager , all settings in interfaces will be ignore you have to set all network things inside OMV https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php?thread/23034-network-manager/&postID=176055
  10. hi and welcome when Armbian 5.67 boot fine , multiboot is active. for Armbian later 19.xx than you have to edit path and filename inside ambianEnv.txt. you do not not need copy and rename
  11. for 1 - ok only nand thats ok for 2 - please ignore i did not know multitool can handle gzip/XZ/tar and that the fat partition should be bigger ( its was maybe a bug that my sdcard had only 800mb fat partition) for 3 - i work most of the time in CLI so "nano" it what i know feel free to use "vi" , thats my personal thought to change order and modifcate armbianEnv.txt direct after "rk322x-config"
  12. Thanky for the Info about Zip/Gzip/XZ format , i use belanerEtcher for writing multitool image to SD-card
  13. nice work some comments 1. i do not know if you get all box from same manufactor ( or if manufactor use always NAND) , maybe you have to show also eMMC install 2. after flash multiboot.img i had only 800mb partition (enought for "buster minimal.img" ) i had to boot it once because resize of fat32 partition than i got enought space for "buster desktop.img" 3. its maybe easyer to change armbianEnv.txt direct after rk322x-config , when a user unintend reboot the box you have the cpu-stability modifcation on . ( you can use "sudo nano" inside CLI for edit files)
  14. please look at page 34 @fabiobassa and @ArkhanLK with @jockspeak about Mali400 driver and Desktop with HW-Video and some problems