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  1. thanks a lot ; i added some Gpio and uart settingd from dts 3.10 to the dts from 5.6 maybe that solve it ;
  2. while searching for the driver i found an entry by Jerome Brunet from the kernel team (Spinics.net) Kernel Patch meson CLK cycle from 2017 where he says that he has got RTL8723bs running on mxiii plus s812 ( but i think with the old 3.10 ) i have already sent him an EMAIL but still no answer if he has activated the card with the new kernel which DTSI /DTS file did you use for the DTB m8s ? i usually try to copy the GPIO pins from the old (3.10) DTS files to the new one the r8723bs.ko file missing in net/wireless respectively drivers/staging folder ( i can not build it from torvald linux no rules in makefile) Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. @balbes150 please can you answer my question , can you insert the rtl8723bs driver in the 20.xx image ? i found that the bin files are inside the image already only the .ko file missing . is it possible to activate the SDIO that the kernel recognize the Wireless card ? or can i copy the old .ko file from 3.10 kernel image ? R8723BS Driver -> 1x at github torvalds tree and 1xanother https://github.com/muhviehstah/r8723bs
  4. do you have ethernet cable connect ? else you can try with modprobe other eth0/wlan driver
  5. thats look like a promising way ; maybe you can make a hardware list with some commands ->Hardware list commands
  6. do you edit the uEnv.ini with the right dtb ( minix8 or MXiii-plus or m8s) , normally it should get till 40.xxx or 80.xxx with many i2c network things CPU core starting and other stuff like on page 15 the secound post from "gmytis" the secound hidden content there should at start 0.xxx some dtb menu like
  7. i think thats normal because your stock ones has a GUI and /usr/bin/sh should be your shell (script) that start the GUI ; now you can go forward and start the new 20.05 or the 19.xx armbian image from usb and than you can interact through your serial terminal with the image when it has no GUI
  8. i think this image has a static ip or maybe a crossover eth connect with a another pc help
  9. Yes this version is without HDMI , you have to use Serial Terminal or Headless Network Terminal ; i think maybe the menson8-minix-neo-x8.dtb is maybe the one for your box; i have normally the M8S clone but the MXIII-plus also work for me
  10. yes after 5.7 image you do not need to copy the dtb file and do not rename it ; only edit UEnv.ini first line name and location of the dtb file
  11. i have tested your 20.05 image 1 run with menson_m8s.dtb its stop(5min waited) at flush journel request by PID 1 2 run with menson_m8s.dtb its stop at GPIO23 request loop and CPU 1,2,3 shutdown and starting loop 3 run with menson_mxplusiii.dtb root login , but no wifi modules 4 run with menson_m8s.dtb now also root login!!! thanks super work please, please can you at the RTL8723bs modules for the few that have this Realtek chip , i did not want use a usb wlan stick because i need both ports is there a different between both dtb files ?
  12. the aml_update.zip is the file that you normaly use to activate linux and multiboot option from Android for bootloader (this updat the bootloader) , the aml_autoscript.zip is the one if you inside bootloader to update bootloader ( the autoscript.zip is part of the update.zip). normaly the right dtb for your device go to /boot/ (<5.5 image) or the path inside uEnv.ini (>5.7 image)
  13. i think non of this image because all are for S9xx ARM CPU and i think Tronsmart MXII are S8xx ARM CPU , mybe balbes150 can post the right link to his image
  14. Mediatek is RALink , thats this driver https://wiki.debian.org/rt2800usb you have to download the driver
  15. if is a realtek or broadcom , plugin maybe restart and than configure wlan1 , maybe setup iprouting and thats all