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  1. Hello, didn't worked on the subjet for a while as too busy by other task and as I duno if I have or not to modify uboot as well. Anyway, it's still crashing on 2 days basis maximum. Now, I gather additional information : I'm not sure it's really linked with Cairo or any graphical stuff. In case where the PI is not totally stuck, the CPU load become over 2 but my graphical dashboard is still working with network connectivity, BUT avahi is not working anymore. So I'm suspecting (without further information) a problem with Avahi. Bye
  2. Hi, During the last crash, I got in the stdout of my application some error coming form the kernel (like "kernel message :" + some hexa code). So I'll try to rebuild the kernel with the setting I'm using on Gentoo. But it's not clear to me the relationship with uboot. 1/ are any information shared b/w uboot and the loaded kernel ? 2/ especially, if I'm doing any changes in the DTS, do they have to be applied to the uboot side ? 3/ do I have to rebuild and reinstall uboot as well ? Thanks Laurent
  3. Hello, Unfortunately changing the governor did'nt helped. Bye Laurent
  4. Hi, Only thing needed is an HDMI screen, a working MQTT broker (Mosquitto, ...) and I can wrote some fake mqtt provider if needed. All the other thing is totally open-source. I can also provide in compiled form. A Lemaker's BananaPI or M1 is working as well. I duno about the DTS, but the FEX was exactly the same b/w BananaPI and BananaPro with only a small setting for a (normally unused) UART and obviously the WiFi adapter. It the first time I"m using this board and Armbian : previously, it was a BananaPI under Gentoo. I switched 2 we
  5. I sent all the information I can as even Armbian-monitor is hanging (as I said). About your last message, as you know, it was night b/w and on the morning I was ... working So just got the notification. I thought it was part of the information I copy/pasted. Anyway, the image is the one from download page, Armbian Buster for BananaPRO, with some apt-get updates to keep the system up to date but it doesn't improve (or degrade) the situation. The provided one : 5.8.16, no change, no module added (like i2c, 1-wire, ...) My bPRO was disp
  6. Hello, After some seach, it seems it's linked to a compilation option that is not tuned for A20 and then use instruction that doesn't exist on this CPU. The problem is I'm unable to identify which component is it : kernel, system, libraries, ... In addition to the stuck system, I installed CAIRO library (not the full stack, only CAIRO and it's dependencies) and is used by my own applications. I'm incline to think it"s now my own application they are compiled w/o any architecture optimization options (only -O2) and are working well on my Gentoo's BananaPIes.
  7. Hello, First of all, I'm new on Armbian I got some a stack dump on the console and can see following messages on kernel.log : --- Oct 24 14:27:28 localhost kernel: [183195.142242] 8<--- cut here --- Oct 24 14:27:28 localhost kernel: [183195.152222] Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 2f68f25c Oct 24 14:27:28 localhost kernel: [183195.167942] pgd = 36f6b267 Oct 24 14:27:28 localhost kernel: [183195.179169] [2f68f25c] *pgd=00000000 Oct 24 14:27:28 localhost kernel: [183195.191263] Internal error: Oops: 805 [#1] SMP THUMB2 Oct
  8. Hello, I'm connecting to my Armbian system from Gentoo boxes but Arbian takes a full controle of remote xterm. Consequently, impossible for me to do some copy/past using my mouse. How to avoid that ? Thanks Laurent
  9. ok, thanks : I'll try. As I would avoid to force users to recompile system's packages, I patched my framework as well to fall back to framebuffer as well.
  10. Well, it is supposed to be part of libdrm but has been disabled as per a ticket I found. The only examples I found to directly use Linux' frame buffer using DRM use it to retrieve display geometry and bitmap
  11. Hello, I'm porting one of my application to Armbian. But where can I found libkms ? I did a apt-cache search but it didn't found anything ? Thanks Laurent
  12. I found a good tutorial about low level programming on DRM/KMS. The only need is libdrm : working pretty well so I give up with DirectFB / SDL2. My only concerne is I'm not able to make LeMaker 3.5' LCD with 5.x kernel but it's another subject. THanks Laurent
  13. X is not launched at all (as not installed ). You did your test on ARMbian only compiling SDL2 ? I think I found a solution using direct DRM/KMS + Cairo. But of it don't suite my need, I'll try ARMbian if you confime.
  14. It's what I did after having activated Lima support in Messa. But the pb is ... it's crashing as explained above. The pb is not gentoo or not gentoo, it's the lack of support with SDL when you're not using X and more when it's not on Raspberry. It's why I'm looking if it will work w/o cheating with binary distribution.
  15. Hello, I'm currently running Gentoo on my BananaPIs (M1). I'm using one as graphical Dashboard using DirectFB. Unfortunately, DirectFB is deprecated, not anymore supported and facing some compilation issue. Time to change. I tried with SDL configured with KMS but it's crashing. I don't want to install X because it will take ages to compile without any garanty it will work at the end. So ... probably the time to change. So, is DirectFB still supported on Armbian ? If not, is SDL2 working without X support. If not, with X support ? And if so, is X