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    gkkpch got a reaction from TonyMac32 in RK3328 Kernel   
    Jamess (Asus) located the sample rate issue, seemingly due to an RK commit for a "fix" in the rockchip clock driver. They will now check with RK why that was done.
    Good thing: it did not make it into upstream, so with 4.19.y we should be fine for the (time being).
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    gkkpch got a reaction from TonyMac32 in 24 Bit playback problem - crackle &pop   
    @TonyMac32Sorry about the delay, I don’t read the forum very often (you can contact me at volumio(at)bluewin.ch)
    I don’t believe we will get any improvement  for the buggy usb drivers in 3.14.79, so I dropped my efforts for Odroids.
    We did release a newer version, which should improve support for a range of usb dacs (including dsd support).
    I have informed Asus about it and they did add the patches to their latest 4.4.x kernel too.
    As soon as Baylibre releases i2s audio drivers for amlogic, I will drop the 3.14.79 kernel for Odroid C2 and move to mainline.
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    gkkpch got a reaction from Tido in RK3328 Kernel   
    we have not decided yet to change, @Igor does a good job keeping the kernel up-to-date. The one I pointed to will work, but may not be that current.
    I'll give it a go at the weekend, for a headless install that might be sufficient.
    Something else I noticed about "our" kernel: reboot does not work.
    I solved the issue of the changing eth0 mac address with 2 patches for u-boot. I use mainline u-boot 2017.05-rc2
    In case anyone is interested, one patch is rockchip: tinker: set ethaddr in late init and the other one i2c_eeprom: add read and write functions