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  1. @userkhen, thank you very much! Indeed, updating to "stretch" and adding the given option makes everything works on a updated system.
  2. Indeed, It is a DSA config. I can't really make many tests, because this SBC is the router been used on my house for everything. I have made the wifi hack, I desoldered the buggy original wifi card and soldered a nice and compatible one, and I have a sata HD that works, with no power problems even powering by usb. If somebody figures out how to change the configs to work on newer kernels, let me know.
  3. I am not an expert, don't know for sure what is happening. When I update the kernel, everything seems to be working fine, the devices are recognized, but nothing works, like ppp connection and the switch. I guess there were a change in the switch driver on newer kernels? But I don't know what to change on my configs to make it work again...
  4. auto lo iface lo inet loopback auto eth0.101 iface eth0.101 inet manual pre-up ip link add br53125 type bridge pre-up ip link set wan master br53125 pre-up bridge vlan add vid 101 dev wan pvid untagged pre-up bridge vlan del vid 1 dev wan pre-up ip link set wan up post-down ip link set wan down post-down ip link del dev eth0.101 auto eth0.102 iface eth0.102 inet manual pre-up ip link set lan1 master br53125 pre-up ip link set lan2 master br53125 pre-up ip link set lan3 master br53125 pre-up ip link set lan4 master br53125
  5. I am using this: "Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.31 stable Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 4.14.84-sunxi". It works flawless, but I can't update the kernel because of the ethernet. Since I am not an expert, I don't know the issue, everything seems to be recognized on newer kernels but I can't make it work.
  6. time sh -c "dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile bs=16k count=64k conv=sync" 65536+0 records in 65536+0 records out 1073741824 bytes (1,1 GB) copied, 25,9141 s, 41,4 MB/s real 0m25.948s user 0m0.219s sys 0m10.417s
  7. I know Lamobo-r1 has many problems and that the support ended, but it works fine for me. Everything works fine with kernel 4.14.84-sunxi, however, when I update the kernel, the b53 switch does not work anymore. I need to update the kernel to add another wifi usb dongle that seems to work only with newer kernels ( Anybody experiencing the same problem? Any ideas for a workaround?
  8. I can't make the b53 switch driver to work with newer kernels? Anybody had success? Works well for 4.14.84-sunxi, but does not work for the 4.19.x...
  9. I changed from ubuntu to debian, and with the mainline kernel the wifi seems to work out of the box.
  10. Hello, i am also trying to use the "Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5572 Wireless Adapter", as suggested by Ikrk. I have this: $ lsmod Module Size Used by disp_ump 850 0 mali_drm 2611 1 drm 214553 2 mali_drm cpufreq_userspace 3540 0 bridge 76954 0 sg 23918 0 rt5572sta 775499 0 spidev 6339 0 mali 112222 0 ump 61778 4 mali,disp_ump 8021q 18659 0 garp 6084 1 8021q stp