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  1. Just tried out the nightly build. I noticed that there is a line of green pixels at the very bottom of the screen and there is tearing when moving windows or when interactive elements open on the display (e.g. in a browser). I have seen this before - it was also present in the very first build of the ubuntu image that shipped with the initial production units of the Pinebook. I believe that this issue is somehow related to the refresh rate - ayufan's Linux and Android images both report 56hz, while the old Pine image and the current nightly armbian image report running at 60hz. This is strange, because I am convinced that the Prototype unit I had ran at 60hz (cant check right now, because its dead) and the issue described above was not present. Perhaps someone more tech literate may have an insight into why this is happening.
  2. Igor, please see today's (16/05) log from Pine IRC starting with my question at 15:54:39. Marcushh777 reported the same issue and claims to have managed to get the battery back up and working by repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the battery while the unit was plugged into mains. Either way, I too had this issue on one of the prototype units - while the unit was in hibernation the battery drained to 3.24 V and wouldn't power on again. As a side note, Marcushh777 also claims that this is an issue which affects the Pine board too when connected to battery. Xalius believes the issue is related to AXP: 16:08:33 Xalius_PB11 | it is a problem of the AXP not starting charging 16:08:42 Xalius_PB11 | and i cant explain the behavior