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Found 7 results

  1. We are pleased to announce that the Wallpaper competition is over, and our judges choose the best wallpapers! The method used for checking which wallpaper was the best was Single-elimination tournament, and here are our lovely winners! First Place (№ 1) Congratulations to @vitors for their captivating creation! Second Place (№ 2) A round of applause for @Peregrint impressive entry! Third Place (№ 3) Kudos to @misteki for their visually striking masterpiece! Honorable Mention by the Judges We cannot let the Armbian Wallpaper Contest conclude without acknowledging another remarkable entry that caught the attention of our judges from once again @Peregrint ! All the winners have been contacted, and we will send out their rewards soon! We sincerely appreciate all participants' exceptional talent and effort. Stay tuned for more exciting contests and events in the future!
  2. Hello Armbian Community! We’re excited to announce the second edition Armbian Desktop Wallpaper Contest. This is a great opportunity for anyone passionate about design to have their work featured on Armbian. Prices You'll receive a reward if our judges decide your art is in the top 3. The rewards are as follows: No 1. Bananapi R3 No 2. Bananapi M2S No 3. Bananapi M2 zero *Prizes will be fulfilled and sent directly by SinoVoip once a winner is chosen and their address is received. Be sure you can receive parcels from China. Armbian and SinoVoip will not be responsible for any customs duties or additional fees associated with the delivery or import of the prize. Contest Guidelines All entries should have a minimalist style and be exactly 3840x2160 (4K) resolution. We’re looking for unique artworks that contain some Armbian marking [i.e The Armbian Penguin, The Armbian Tux, or the Armbian Logo]. To enter this contest, please attach your work as a post. Ensure you include the following information: Armbian Wallpaper Contest Submission I am submitting my **original artwork** for the Armbian Wallpaper Contest. **Artwork Details:** - **Title:** [Insert Artwork Title Here] - **Description:** [Insert Brief Description Here] I hereby confirm and certify that this artwork is an original piece created solely by me. By submitting this artwork to the Armbian Wallpaper Contest, I agree to release it under the [Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license](https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/legalcode) (CC0 1.0). The template above is required, and remember to replace the placeholders with relevant information. Timeline You have until September 30th 2023 at 12 PM CET to submit your work. The winners will be selected & announced by October 15th. AI Currently, there are ongoing battles that are arguing that AI art is copyrighted by the original owners of the artwork that was used to create the neural network for them, so for this competition, using art straight up from one of the available generators is banned, but using this art as inspiration is ok. The new Desktop maintainer role We seek a creative and tech-savvy XFCE, Gnome, and i3 Desktop Maintainer for Armbian to give our desktop environment a vibrant and unique makeover! Your role will involve creating and managing wallpapers, icons, sounds, and everything else that adds aesthetic value and functionality to our desktop ecosystem. If you’re passionate about technology and creative design, you could be the perfect fit for our team. Join us and help us enhance our desktop experience! This seems like you? Then we are waiting for you here. We can’t wait to see what our talented community comes up with. Be creative, original, and have fun! Good luck, and may the best wallpaper win! The Armbian Team
  3. Hello Everyone! Recently @NicoD has been helping to release some videos on the Armbian community as well he usually keeps up with reviewing and documenting single board computers. This got me thinking it would probably be awesome to have a central place to document Armbian related videos and documentation that exists. I will try to post any good Armbian related channels or videos my self, but I would invite anyone else who would like to contribute to this thread as well! Are you a creator that loves Armbian and has made some videos about it?? Let us know and share here! To get things started I will include NicoD's most recent videos: This video is about an important Armbian community member which if you have been around the forum for any period of time you have probably heard from, or in some cases, had to deal with Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule @Wernerto do the video! Additionally, NicoD has just released a video on the Rock 5b including some benchmarks: NicoD had reached out and asked if he could give the new Rock 5b sample I had received for a spin, and well... I couldn't say no! Great job breaking things down NicoD! Well those are the two I will start out with, if this thread takes off I will try and update it with many more videos! If anyone wants to see more pictures of the crafty case I made for the Rock 5b, let me know and I can attach them in this thread Cheers all!
  4. https://www.armbian.com/newsflash/code-freeze-and-moving-to-new-framework/
  5. Armbian Configurator Refactor Project This project will work to refactor and replace the currently existing ‘armbian-config’ command line tool. The main reason for refactoring this tool is to get rid of the ‘beta’ label. The current version of the tool was never properly designed and is potentially unsafe to use. We want to re-make it with appropriate coding standards, to enhance security and add better support for automation. Goals of the refactoring project: Cleaner and more secure code Unit testing of critical functions via Github CI Write in in a single / common language - Bash Use independant modules for each feature, making adding new features easier Leverage specific common libraries bash-utilities Create CLI / API / TUI interfaces for the tool User created code can more easily call functions of configurator externally via CLI or API Better scriptablility for ‘first boot scripts’ Create a better user experience in graphical environments Better documentation around how to use the program and different interfaces (CLI / API / TUI) Better commented and documented code Current progress of the refactoring can be seen in the new Github Repository: Armbian configng F.A.Q. Who are you looking for volunteers to help and what skill sets are needed? We are looking for developers experienced in bash – you must be able to follow general development standards, utilize the provided libraries and be able to create secure code. You can apply for the position on our staff application page, choosing to apply as a volunteer if you are interested in helping! How much time do I have to give to participate? If you are looking to help we would ask that you at least commit to finish the work your assigned in a reasonable time frame while maintaining general development standards for you work product. We would also expect you to try and attending our weekly meetings, at least a twice a month. Can you donate to this project? Yes, by becoming an Armbian subscriber to the ‘Community Supporter’ or ‘Community Hero’ tiers and posting “I am now a Community Supporter!” or “I am now a Community Hero!” in a reply to this thread, for each reply, the Armbian business team will dedicate $10.00 of additional project funding / time to the project. Are there any paid development opportunities? Possibly, we are looking for dedicated bash developers who have more than 10 hours a week available to commit to this project – Apply for the position on our staff application page by clicking here if you are interested and indicate you are wanting a paid position when applying.
  6. In celebration of Armbian's new Partnership program, we would like to welcome SinoVoip as Armbians first Platinum Partner! To celebrate our partnership, SinoVoip and Armbian are coming together to giveaway of two single board computers! A Banana Pi M5 and an BananaPi M2 Pro will be raffled off! We will have a giveaway for the Banana Pi M5 open to everyone! To enter you need to sign-up to the Armbian Forum and wait one day (24 hours) to pass the bot check and then you can enter the contest! Banana Pi M5 For our community members we will be giving away the Banana Pi M2 Pro, to enter the raffle all you have to do is have been a Armbian forum member for the last 30 day and go to the link and enter! Banana Pi M2 PRO These giveaways will run for the next 30 days with the contests ending on November 20th, 2022 where we will pull one winner from each contest! Get your free raffle ticket and enter to win today! *Prizes will be fulfilled and sent directly by SinoVoip once a winner is chosen and their address received. Be sure you are able to receive parcels from China. Armbian and SinoVoip will not be responsible for any customs duties or additional fees associated with delivery or import of the prize. Also, check out @NicoDnew YouTube video on the Banana Pi M5:
  7. Hey Everyone! Last week we tried out doing a community Discord get together on Friday night and it went really well! We are going to try and do the same thing again this week on July 1st, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST. Everyone is invited, just come to the Armbian Discord (You can click our invite link: here if you are not already part of our Discord) and on Friday evening at 5:00 PM EST we will open up the public voice chat for all who would like to participate. The meet-up will last 1 hour and there are no official topics set for the conversation, of course, if you have something fun to share that is always welcome! Hope to see you there! Cheers!
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