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  1. I've got a SATA card mounted to my EspressoBin that draws a couple of mA – I just tried to boot the board without any disks attached and powered by USB only - and it wouldn't. So just to rule this out, please try with 12V attached to power jack. As it says in the wiki, you need a 12V power adapter:
  2. You’re right. That has been my second choice for some time. It’s quite a bit more expensive than the EspressoBin but should be worth it. I‘ll order one (there even is a German distributor) and test it. In the meantime, Globalscale might figure out their problems with the v7...
  3. How come there are so many? Wouldn’t one be enough?
  4. My goal is a NAS device for home use, aiming at non-technical persons. I want reasonable speed but don't need a speed monster, I assume the device will be sleeping most of the day, use cases being media streaming, address/calendar syncing, backup mobile devices (photos/videos) and backup computers. I will use 2x 2,5" hdds 2 or 3 TB each, one being a backup of the other. When the device is not working I would prefer a very low power consumption, when at full load, which is rather seldom, it can use 20W or even more. I do like the idea that the device can be used as a switch and thus be placed onto the desk, where the ethernet cable from the wall goes into the device and the computer can be connected to it as well. But that's a bonus, not a must-have.
  5. Since I am using a simple power plug (that once belonged to a router) for testing at the moment, I would guess that its efficiency at low power is less then 80%, while at full power (2A) it might go up to 90%, 95% (which is the usual behavior for switching power supplies). If I still measure less then 4W, all the better, isn't it. When ordering for production, I will of course take care of a good balance between price, dimensions and efficiency. I asked @gprovost if he can provide me with a Helios4 board though, and if he does I could do some comparison.
  6. @gprovost Thanks for reporting! I achieved a little below 4W at the wall plug (measured) with EspressoBin and two sleeping 2,5” SATA HDDs. I find that acceptable but still not perfect, considering that it’s doing *nothing* (except for heating up the home).
  7. Thanks for your suggestions, I have taken a look at those two boards designed by Solidrun, and they are valid alternatives, though the Clearfog needs a PCI extension for SATA (I need 2 ports) and the Helios4 consumes a little too much energy for permanent home use (IMHO). I would even consider a Banana Pi (SATA faster than GbE is of no use anyhow), but it lacks a second SATA port and USB3...
  8. Hi @Tido, I am not yet in that stage, as I am still experimenting and investigating (as you see above) and still able to change SBCs altogether. Technically, I like the EspressoBin most of all, but their administration of business doesn't leave me impressed. Latest news on their web page from 2016, all products except two declared EOL, but still no explanation or news, no distribution network really... But what alternative, if you want SATA and GBit-ethernet at full speed and low energy consumption?
  9. I think you can't use power over micro-USB if you power up a HDD, you should try with a 12V-2A power supply just to rule out power issues. Have a good vacation!
  10. Another strange thing: I wanted to visit, but it's unreachable! Hope that's temporary...
  11. I think it already happened! I just had a look at the Globalscale website and they don't offer the V5 anymore, that's a pity. All the more I would like to hear if there are working V7 specimen around...
  12. barish


  13. The postfix V7 suggests that it will eventually succeed the EspressoBin V5 and in a long run, the V5 might disappear. Since I am about to start a business based on the EspressoBin, I would be really interested if there are good experiences regarding the V7 – as I had a very disappointing one, while the V5 seems to run very stable and reliably. By "reliable", I mean suitable for a home server running weeks and months without any bumps or hickups. I'd also be interested whereelse I could find a community running the EspressoBin in reasonable numbers to investigate there as well. Thanks in advance and sorry for the off-topic with respect to Armbian.
  14. Hi @Andrius, have you found a solution yet? If not, could you post exactly the command line or terminal settings you used? What kind of serial interface do you use, what's your setup?
  15. Sorry for the misformat... Apparently I can't change it belatedly, so thanks @guidol for the correction!