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  1. I think stack trace and the other error is not related. Stack trace probably stems from some display error, simple framebuffer thing. It may help to share DTS. I know this is not a bright idea but if you're able to compile your kernel, you can try disabling CONFIG_MODULE_SIG and/or alike for the sake of suppressing the error.
  2. Gediz


  3. Thank you so much. Somehow I forgot to add bootable = "true" flag to the genimage.cfg. If it weren't for your post, I'd waste several more hours debugging U-Boot.
  4. I'm not familiar with Cubietruck A20 hardware but as far as I know, FEL is not something static that stays on once enabled even after a power-off or a reboot. On each boot process, as long as you do not hold FEL button, Boot ROM (BROM) looks for a magic string (eGON) to find a proper medium. This magic string is searched in the header part of the storage mediums attached to MMC0, NAND, MMC2 and SPI flash, respectively. If no valid eGON header is found in any of these mentioned interfaces, FEL mode is executed as a fallback. So, if your device it automatically jumps to the FEL mode, chances are FEL button may be somehow (i think it's unlikely) stuck or the header part of attached storage devices are either corrupt or cannot be read.
  5. I am not sure if it applies with A20 but while using A64, R_UART (which belongs to co-processor, I assume) is enabled when UART4 is selected. Also this problem occurred not on Linux but on U-Boot.
  6. This is really cool. Would you mind sharing configuration files? Or a how-to?
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