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  1. EDIT: Just compiled 4.9.46 and it worked. Sorry I should've said this. I had 4.9.37 running fine from emmc, updating it to 4.9.44 caused it to not boot. I've tried uncommenting boot.ini setting to update emmc again, but that did not help.
  2. So I just freshly built Debian kernel 4.9.44 and it again doesn't boot from emmc SD card boots fine. Sidenote, time is also 2 hours behind.
  3. @tkaiser I did actually read your response. I think if the JMS561 things get sorted out, then it'll be plenty enough for what I use it for. It's used as a media storage and streamer, my important data is backed up in multiple places. What attracted me to the Cloudshell2 was that it's a complete package. I was looking at the ClearFog Pro/Base but ended up not getting it due to not wanting to design and 3d print an enclosure that holds it and the HDDs. However, this all might be moot if Helios4 gets funded.
  4. Cloudshell2 is in JBOD mode. I've posted in the hardkernel forums as this looks like a hardware issue as this happens when the hard drives are swapped and also in Ubuntu.
  5. Ok, I figured out what's causing it. The bridge is JMS561. OMV pulls this for all drives when the Devices tab is clicked. smartctl -x /dev/sda -d sat Running this manually I can also crash it. Specifically this: smartctl -l devstat /dev/sda crashes here: root@openmediavault:~# smartctl -l devstat /dev/sda -d sat,12 smartctl 6.4 2014-10-07 r4002 [armv7l-linux-4.9.30-odroidxu4] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-14, Bruce Allen, Christian Franke, www.smartmontools.org ATA_READ_LOG_EXT (addr=0x00:0x00, page=0, n=1) failed: 48-bit ATA commands require SAT ATA PASS-THROUGH (16) Read GP Log Directory failed Device Statistics (SMART Log 0x04) Page Offset Size Value Description ATA_SMART_READ_LOG failed: Connection timed out Read Device Statistics pages 0-7 failed It still appends -d sat even if the bridge is defined in the .h file. What would be the (potential) fix? Update of smartmontools? EDIT: Hard drive issues probably. Running the same command on /dev/sdb does not cause the crash.
  6. Hello Everyone, As @tkaiser is probably aware from the hardkernel forum, I'm having issues with USB/SMART and OMV. Basically, USB resets whenever SMART data is pulled from OMV's web interface, it works fine if I manually do it in shell. Here is some info. http://sprunge.us/HdbK I was proposed to update smartmontools to 6.5, but there are library dependencies that are missing. If any of you fine folks have any ideas as to what could be causing it, I would be grateful. Thank you
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