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  1. Since there is official support for Docker on ARM for quite a while now, this thread is "resolved" to me. @Igor I suggest to update the docs here: I opened a PR:
  2. I agree with balbes150: We do not offer 64-bit (aarch64) Docker packages yet. For now, you need to compile them yourself...
  3. @balbes150: See our FAQ: Only our older releases had pi/raspberry or root/hypriot
  4. We are working making Docker available on XU4 out of the box (with HypriotOS), but haven't been succesful yet: Any help is appreciated
  5. @Skygod: I don't know how different M1+ is from M2, of which Hosteiner mentioned it works fine. If there is a difference, it would be cool to see it it works on the M1+ as well! @Holsteiner: The Docker version in this image is probably by far not latest, but will probably work fine, which is good to see! Performance of Docker? Like charm :-) See this is docker daemon without any containers: $ ps -p 1277 -o %cpu,%mem,cmd %CPU %MEM CMD 1.1 2.8 /usr/bin/docker daemon -H fd:// --storage-driver=overlay -D Let's start 20 webservers (, i
  6. Hello everyone! Is there anyone who tried to run Docker on armbian? Ok, let's start from the beginning: I am from the Hypriot Team (we made Docker available on ARM) and recently saw some guys successfully playing with Docker on armbian. Meanwhile, we know, that our Docker runs at least on the Cubietrack and Lamobo R1/BananaPi R1 on top of armbian! This is awesome because, you know, IoT is coming, and Docker on ARM helps get a grip on many challenges induced by IoT. However, we were only able to support Docker on Raspberry Pis so far... Imagine if Docker wou
  7. Hello everyone, I would like to build an image for the Rasperry Pi 1, 2 and Zero. I could not found a download for a RPi on Then I saw that `rpi` is disabled in `/lib/`. Even when enabling it, I get an error during build, saying "[ error ] Building failed, check configuration" . I wonder why the Raspberry Pi is not supported. Is it due to its closed hardware? Thanks!