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  1. mali drivers for mainline linux kernel

    Did you try this ? http://free-electrons.com/blog/mali-opengl-support-on-allwinner-platforms-with-mainline-linux/ Not that I did but I am just curious if it is working or not..
  2. Hello, guys, has anyone ever faced issues with SPI controller on BananaPi M2 ? I am observing a very strange issue, which is confirmed by at least 2 peripherals: Waveshare 3.5 LCD and NRF24 wireless chip. The data incoming from MISO is always shifted by 1 bit to the left. , i.e. reading STATUS register of NRF24 gives 0x1C instead of expected value 0xE. The same story with other registers. Saleae logic analyzer is always showing correct pictures !!! See attached image as an example of reading STATUS register from NRF24: master is sending 0x07 and receiving 0x0E (14). I have tweaked byte rate and other parameters - no result. I have finally tried to connect using the bitbang SPI gpio driver and it worked as expected. Does this mean the A31s SPI is broken? It is hard to believe in that... Or it is still a kernel (sun6i SPI driver or whatever) issue ? Thanks.
  3. Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 wanted

    When you build sunxi "next" kernel with Armbian you will get those nodes in the /arch/arm/boot/dts/sunxi-h3-h5.dtsi file after automatic patching. I don't remember exact name of the patch but you can search for it in patch/kernel/sunxi-next folder. By default i2s0_pins node is not connected to i2s0 so you have to do something like this: /dts-v1/; /plugin/; / { compatible = "allwinner,sun8i-h3"; fragment@0 { target = <&i2s0>; __overlay__ { pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <&i2s0_pins>; status = "okay"; }; }; }; This overlay patch can be added to the add-sun8i-h3-overlays.patch file or you can create your own patch. Then you can add it to /boot/armbianEnv.txt on your target board: overlays=<name of your dtbo>
  4. ssuloev

  5. Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 wanted

    I2S support should be already there, in 4.14. This should be included into the same file sun4i-i2s.c. See http://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/v4.14/source/sound/soc/sunxi/sun4i-i2s.c. I am afraid I2S support is still not complete... but it really depends on what you need and what hardware (codec) you are trying to run. Saying"not complete" I mean, for example, method set_bclk_ratio which is not implemented. Same time if you just need to run a simple codec as a slave then things may work for you...
  6. Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 wanted

    Igor, do you have a list of planned tasks that can be split over people? Or you just said that someone can do whatever he wants to contribute ? Thanks
  7. Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 wanted

    Hey Igor, seems like it is out.
  8. Change bus for spidev overlay

    Hello, guys, there are custom device tree overlays for some boards in armbian build framework, they are usually created by patches. The spi-spidev overlay for sun8i H3 has some additional parameters that can be set via armbianEnv.txt. My question is about "param_spidev_spi_bus" which is not actually working: is this possible to change the bus on the fly ? Thanks
  9. Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 wanted

    Well, I think I got your point. Current 4.14 which is available for other boards is completely missing h3 stuff in the device tree. There is no even ethernet.
  10. Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 wanted

    Igor, I spent some time looking at patches in sun8i-dev folder that are currently applied to 4.11 and I think some of them can be applied to 4.14-rc7 kernel which is currently available for other boards. This way sun8i h3 can be supported well enough. And some build files should be changed, i.e. config/sources/sunxi_common.inc to allow sun8i linuxfamily to be changed to "sunxi" as it is done for others. That is of course IMHO. I may miss something important.
  11. Hello, guys, when can we expect mainline Kernel 4.14 for sun8i h3 ? Now we have only 2 options : 4.11 or 4.13. Thank you
  12. Unable to config board

    Below is what I suggest to do: https://github.com/sergey-suloev/build/commit/5f1b8fd07bc9d0bec911174ad10dee1a062479dc Can you review this and possibly integrate into your codebase ?
  13. Hello, guys, may I ask you to fix the code below so that I can put my custom "sun6i.conf" file into "userpatches/sources/" ? Currently your code makes it impossible because LINUXFAMILY variable is forcibly set to "sunxi" in sunxi_common.inc file. What you can easily do is introducing a new variable so that one can know that LINUXFAMILY was overwritten. configuration.sh -------------------------------------------- [[ ! -f $SRC/config/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf ]] && \ exit_with_error "Sources configuration not found" "$LINUXFAMILY" source $SRC/config/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf if [[ -f $SRC/userpatches/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf ]]; then display_alert "Adding user provided $LINUXFAMILY overrides" source $SRC/userpatches/sources/$LINUXFAMILY.conf fi ------------------------------------------------- Thanks
  14. Hello, guys, I need to set overlay_prefix=sun6i-a31 in armbianEnv.txt automatically. I found that the default sunxi_common.inc behavior does not allow applying my custom file "userpatches/sources/sun6i.conf" where I have OVERLAY_PREFIX variable declared. In the file sunxi_common.inc the variable LINUXFAMILY is reset to "sunxi" for sun6i architecture. My question is: do you have another way to set OVERLAY_PREFIX variable ? Thank you.
  15. Hello, guys, I recently posted a problem with Banana Pi M2 framebuffer - my Waveshare35a TFT display was not working with "next" mainline image. I had messages in dmesg about an SPI data transfer issue. As a result there was no new framebuffer device created on the device. The question was then moved to Development group. Can you give a comment about SPI driver on BananaPI M2 ? Is SPI communication on BananaPi m2 really supported by mainline kernel ?