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    jjrojo got a reaction from lanefu in Please, recommended SBC for recording ip cameras   
    Thank you @lanefu.
    I have 3 amcrest ip2m_841 and 3 Wansview ncm625ga.
    All cameras recording 24/7, 5 fps and audio.
    Server --> raspberry pi 2
    Os --> dietpi
    Sdcard overclocked.
    Right now Amcrest record to vstfpd (it's going to be changed by proftpd).
    Wansview cameras record method is in bash script with ffmpeg and systemd for start recording.
    Record time for file is min.
    Some shell scripts for delete files when directory match x kb. Running by Cron.
    Plex is running in server mode. Transcode very well and I can connect from whatever through vpn and watch files.
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    jjrojo reacted to lanefu in Please, recommended SBC for recording ip cameras   
    so the pi 2e is awesome... but transcoding with the Opi stuff is genreally just a bummer.     Although not impossible, really your best bet is to run the legacy kernel.... compile the ffmpeg that supports the cedarx stuff, and script your transcoding process and make pre-transcoded files that are generally compatible rather than try to do on the fly.
    Are you making this a plex server or client?
    re cameras.. what kind of hardware. will they record x264 steams on their own?       I have managed to compile the x264 branch of zoneminder and do direct storage from my amcrest camera high res streams.