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  1. Yes, a good advice! But I have several USB Audio devices...........every USB Audio device is working with hw:2,0. I reported this problem a bit ironicaly - it's not a (real) problem. But, never set a format in mpd.conf, only with real need. To set 'format "*:32:*"' (or 24)is ok, it could(!) improve sonic quality because some dacs (or usb to spdif converters) prefer specific bit setting. That governor is reset is a (half) minor problem - believe it or not, I heared it! But - many, many, big, big thanks to the "armbians" - my cubox-i was less or more useless without armbian! You a
  2. Only minor problems with cubox-i 4pro. Because there is now a hdmi soundcard MPD soundcard has to be set new. GOVERNOR was reset from "performance" to "interactive". That's all!! Thanks!!