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  1. After upgrade to latest kernel (4.19.38) my device only boots into maintenance mode. System is on emmc and no problems before. I started armbian-config and switched back to previous kernel, but it doesn't boot system. Even with all USB devices disconnected it didn't start (as i see there are some usb errors in log), file system seems to be clean, just didn't start system in normal mode.... Any advice? Thx Update: OK, solved, after installing latest updates within maintenance mode its ok again....
  2. With 4.14.5 kernel/debian next image booting fine (system on emmc), but i had debian legacy kernel and after upgrading no boot.
  3. I should have known better..... today i did an apt update and saw thet there was an update to 5.38. Installed it and like with nearly every last update the device (OrangePi +) didn't boot. Did you even test updates in the stable repo before ? Don't know whats going wrong, so i will test it, but thats annoying.....
  4. Confirmed, works without problems till now...
  5. Ah, good, which packages should be installed? linux-image-next-odroidxu4_5.34.171020, 5.34 u-boot, jessie-root, dtb ....?
  6. Thats bad, cause now i've setup my device and just waiting for update, complete new install is not an option as i took some hours in configuring..... Are the packages in beta repo fixed too? So that maybe i can set beta source temporarily and install new packages from there?
  7. Ah, great, thx Waiting for getting fixed packages from the repo ;-)
  8. Yes, i know, but my thought was if solution is known and just some days away i wait and did a setup from scratch with benefits of fast ssd....
  9. Good to see thats a real bug, but it stops me from setting up the device If i could i would help fixing this fast, but i have no idea how...but i hope you will find a solution
  10. I used Armbian_5.33_Odroidxu4_Debian_jessie_next_4.9.51 image, tested with ext4 and btrfs, on GPT and dos partition. I dont have logs (flashed image again and again several times for next try), but after next try i could try to get some, need to mount sdcard on another linux device.
  11. No, not without sdcard. Only with root filesystem on ssd. As i said, i did that with included armbian-config tool(nand-sata-install, boot from sd, rootfilefs on sata), but after reboot i have no access to the device. Don't know whats wrong, files are copied, boot.ini was changed to correct UUID, fstab (on ssd) includes new root, boot binding.... Maybe i have to manually change fstab on sdcard too? Or copy /boot to ssd too? I couldn't see whats wrong here...
  12. Just a little question: I'm new with this device, but not with armbian. Tested the Image for HC1 and it works fine, but if i try to boot root filesystem from sata device (using armbian-config, sata install) it didn't boot. Anyone tested that with success? Thx
  13. Now with 5.31 i upgraded all my 3 devices (bananapro,orange pi pro, nanopi), all running big thx to devs.
  14. OK, now its clear, installed u-boot 5.25, now it boots with network.