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  1. Ok, thx for info. armbianmonitor -u gives an error but i remember bsp package was successfully installed, so it should be ok to apt autoremove...
  2. After latest upgrade 21.05.01 apt says linux-buster-root-current-odroidxu4 is obsolete now and could be removed with autoremove. But even this version was installed with same upgrade, so i wonder why it should be removed now? Should i really remove that package? Thx
  3. Just to inform, newest 5.4.28-odroidxu4 kernel seems to work fine too. Hopefully past problems with every new update are gone ;-)
  4. Allright....now all seems to work fine, good work And with with 5.x kernel now my dual dvb-c stick has 2 working adapters (mostly the reason why i waited for working mainline kernel on this device)....
  5. OK, thx. So i will test latest 5.4 kernel...maybe that works with latest. Before it won't boot at all ;-)
  6. Anyone tested new kernel 5.4.19 ? Changelog says "Odroid XU4 current with kernel 5.4.y seems unstable", but what does than mean? Till now it wasn't unstable, it didn't work at all ;-) And why did same changelog say "Odroid XU4 legacy kernel images instability" ? Is 5.4.x now more stable (because it "seems") than 4.14.x? I'm bit confused... Btw, its no problem to make an image/backup and test and i know, developers couldnt test all....but little information will be fine :-)
  7. Ah, will be fine if that get fixed. No really need for using 5.x kernel, but as it fully supports my dual dvb tuner (4.14 did not) it would be fine to have a working 5.x kernel. Many thx for all the good work !
  8. I can confirm, no boot with latest 5.4.7 kernel....
  9. Mmm...maybe i just wait a bit...but normally i have a backup before testing ;-)
  10. Thx, good to know...and yes, its just a small bug ;-)
  11. Hey, just a little question: On my other boards i can update u-boot within armbian-config, but not on odroid HC1 (system on ssd). Is that normal behavior or did i miss something? Not a big thing as i can do that with dd...btw. Maybe i have to test with 5.4.y kernel, don't know i need newer u-boot...
  12. After upgrade to latest kernel (4.19.38) my device only boots into maintenance mode. System is on emmc and no problems before. I started armbian-config and switched back to previous kernel, but it doesn't boot system. Even with all USB devices disconnected it didn't start (as i see there are some usb errors in log), file system seems to be clean, just didn't start system in normal mode.... Any advice? Thx Update: OK, solved, after installing latest updates within maintenance mode its ok again....
  13. With 4.14.5 kernel/debian next image booting fine (system on emmc), but i had debian legacy kernel and after upgrading no boot.
  14. I should have known better..... today i did an apt update and saw thet there was an update to 5.38. Installed it and like with nearly every last update the device (OrangePi +) didn't boot. Did you even test updates in the stable repo before ? Don't know whats going wrong, so i will test it, but thats annoying.....
  15. Confirmed, works without problems till now...
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