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  1. quick review Banana Pi M3

    I would try to push them, but I see you and a few other members trying to do that as well on their website, but it didn't seem to do anything. You guys have more credibility and more knowledge than I do, so I figured that it would be pointless for me to complain.
  2. quick review Banana Pi M3

    Ugh... Since I already the board and I can't return it, I tried to make the best of it.... I tried all their images for M3, for some reason I can't detect any temperature on anything on the board, does M3 not capable of sensing the temperature? Since I'm new to this whole Linux thing, what do you do with the config files that is in the Github? Do you compile it yourself to make your own Linux image? It's fine if you don't have the time to give me the details, but I'd appreciate if you can point me the right direction, like what to google and stuff.
  3. quick review Banana Pi M3

    Done. Atlhough, I'm pretty sure the person replying won't know what the schematics even do...
  4. quick review Banana Pi M3

    HAH good one.
  5. quick review Banana Pi M3

    Lol, so I decided to just mess around with the board using my multimeter.... I touched the negative probe to GPIO pin 2 and touched the positive probe to pin 6, the probes were like 2-4mm thick, so I accidentally touched the positive probe (while still touching pin 6) to either pin 5 or pin 8 or maybe all 3 together, then the SMD ferrite bead ( to the left of micro usb/dc power, sparked and the board won't turn on anymore... Is it possible that only the ferrite bead burnt and nothing else? I think I can replace it... but even then, the schematics sinovoip posted doesn't have the values listed on the components...
  6. quick review Banana Pi M3

    (( I bought this before doing research on it... I encountered everything you brought up... Is it possible to burn the linux image onto emmc? Also, whenever I use the Arch Linux image that was recently released, my M3 keeps locking up and crashing. The watchdog detecting lockup on CPU 0 or something...