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  1. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    Very thanks Mitch, We download your patches and try but no connection to the ethernet :/. We don't see "SUNXI Platform Network device drivers" in the linux-menuconfig. I attach the images, do you see any error in our process?
  2. Please repair RT-KERNEL patches

    But full RT? option 5? How I proceed?. Thanks
  3. HI @Igor: I need to download and compile this image (with the 4.11.7 kernel) How I can get from github the source code of this version? Very thanks
  4. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    yes @MitchD but how do you add the ethernet drivers to my img? or the img that you upload: You set the ethernet driver directly on kernel-config? i.e we can download your project from github and edit the defconfig with buildroot to add the drivers of the orange pi zero? thanks
  5. Hi, I want to patch the kernel with the preempt-rt patches from the repository but their are corrupt Who needs this patch? I think the real time kernel is very useful for many projects.
  6. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    @MitchD thanks a lot! We put your image on sd and boot, connect a ethernet cable between ubuntu and opizero (with your image). by the moment everithing great. one question please: How do you install the drivers , with the linux menu-config, overlays or copying directly in the filestystem of the sd card? (.ko files? ) Thank you very much!
  7. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    Very thanks @MitchD. I wrote the image to my sd card. How you configure ethernet in the orange pi zero?. I the past I connect my pc to orange with ssh via wifi. Dietpi have a txt file that indicates that orange pi zero auto-connect to a wifi with an specific SSID. I read and try to edit the file: "etc/network/interfaces" of the orange pi zero with the following configuration but nothing happen: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address <-this is an static Ip netmask gateway <-this is the Ip of my Laptop ? pd: I read in an other forum that if I simply put a cable between both machines in Windows, I only need to share wifi over ethernet and windows assign an ip via DHCP to the orange and I can view the ip with "arp -a" but nothing happen :\
  8. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    Thanks @MitchD, I will surely try what you sayd. Did you plug a monitor through the TV out?. For copying the SD card, I am using this command: sudo dd. The eth0 might be, beause I changed the etc/network/interfaces, to get an static ip, I will change it back and see what happends. I will try what you say tomorrow, and comment back. Thanks
  9. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    Hi @MitchD. Thanks for your answer. No, I am using the 4.11.9 source, and the rt patch for this. The boot partition was made with the image of the otput of buildroot. I have changed some settings, but still nothing happens. Where do you get the script.bin file? Thanks. I attach the new Image, and rootfs.
  10. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    Thanks @MitchD . I only need python and ssh. I want to make a sound software in python. What audio software your use? JackD (jack audio connection kit) or Pulseaudio? you have good latency? I make a buildroot image and patch it whit kernel-rt patch from and put the final .img in mi microsd card but mi orange pi zero don't display nothing in the vga port (tv out). I don't know if the system is running because I try to connect my host pc with windows 10 with a to the ethernet por of the orange pi zero but nothing happen If you can try on your orange pi zero and run please tell me I also made a rootfs-overlay, and assign a static ip to the board, line in ( --page 15--), but cant connect to it (using ubuntu now). Very thanks! P.S: I attach the image made with buildroot sdcard.img.tar.gz
  11. Buildroot realtime image for nanopi neo

    Hi MitchD : Your work is awesome. What I need to change to work in my orange pi zero? I trying to make a rt kernel distro for my orange pi zero but your solution is very cool. Very Thanks!