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  1. for what? you can install linux in emmc if you have root on android, use termux and dd for writing ayufan's image to /dev/block/emmcblk0 directly from android
  2. you must see on PCB and determine which version you have according this post -
  3. I have wrote some manuals in russian language, you can use it if you can translate it - http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=819860&st=340#entry63238627 xenial-mate-rock64-0.5.10-118-arm64.img
  4. [1] Original Z28: Can boot from micro SD 2 USB ports (1 x USB3, 1 x OTG) WiFi provided by rtl8188. PCB marked as "XJH-ZY168-V00". [2] Cheaper Z28: Can boot from micro SD (not sure) 2 USB ports (1 x USB3, 1 x OTG) WiFi provided by ssv6051. PCB marked as "XJH-ZY168-V01". [3] Original Z28 Pro (Original Alfawise Z28 Pro): Can't boot from micro SD. 3 USB ports (1 x USB3, 1 x OTG) WiFi + Bluetooth provided by rtl8822. (placed inside fn6222B module) Gigabit ethernet provided by rtl8211
  5. I have discovered there are FIVE versions of Z28 box is present, what's your version is? Some of they not able to boot from micro sd.
  6. Bad news for z28 pro owners. There is no possible way to boot from micro sd card, because internal rockchip loader can only boot from SD card port 0 btw on z28 pro sd card module soldered out on port 1... The only way to get working linux on z28 pro is flash it directry to eMMC from android, i will write step-by-step manual in few days.
  7. This bug described on russian forum 4pda (http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=819860&view=findpost&p=64310568), the solution is to shorten your usba-usba cable to 30cm (http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=819860&st=1160#entry64312087)
  8. You can't damage eMMC via software, just get FULL STOCK firmware and flash it from maskrom mode (do not forget to eject SD card) with AndroidTool ("upgrade" tab)
  9. somebody knows where is MAC for wifi stored in?
  10. Yeah, same question, i wonder it unbreakable
  11. dont forget to eject microsd when trying to enter maskrom or it will try boot from micro sd