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  1. I have an Orange Pi zero 512+ v1.4 board, ordered with the audio daughter board, and the cute black box. in the black box, it runs nearly 80 C, so I pulled it out and am running it in the open. I am running the latest download i could find, Armbian 5.30 3.4.113 with the heat situation. I have a Radio Shack IR thermometer, and did some measuring between the armbianmonitor -m numbers and the RS device. With the system quiet, the armbianmonitor-m (amm) reading is 63C. The radio shack when positioned so the IR detector views the H2 chip, is seeing about 50.4C. I have some canned air, here, and cool the chip down to 34C on the Radioshack device. The reading on the amm reading dipped to 48C. So there is about a 12 or 13C delta that holds up on both ends of the scale for my test. I also had to fix a problem with the dhcp on the wired connection killing the default gateway (another thread topic) but worth mentioning here that I set to a static IP to make sure the device didn't go off the grid, causing me to think it was in thermal lockup. I'm now going to get some various cooling gizmos (heatsinks) from my pi cooling work and see if I can get it down 10 or 15C inside the enclosure. thanks for all the info here and all the thermal thread work, appreciate all the different insights and things to look at.
  2. as of some network release before the current (unsupported) 4.11.3 kernel, the networking has started having random value hw mac addresses on every boot. I suspect if you can do so and look @ your DHCP server, you will possibly see the orangepi (or whatever your hostname is) lurking there. Another way to do it if you have to, is to /sbin/ifconfig and get the HWaddr and look for that mac address on your dhcp server. I came by your post while trying to find a workable solution to assigning the mac on the orangepi zero 512 I am bringing up. Jim