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  1. Hi, I would like to share an issue concerning the OPI Zero 2+ with the camera module. I was not able to work with it and I got usual error : [ISP] isp platform_id = 5! [CSI_ERR][GC2035]sensor_read err at sensor_detect! [CSI_ERR][GC2035]chip found is not an target chip. I finally found that the FEX was incorrect. On line 384, the port definition was wrong and should be PA08 : vip_dev0_power_en = port:PA08<1><default><default><default> Then the camera is recognized : [ 8652.370168] [ISP] isp platform_id = 5! [ 8652.447812] [CSI][GC2
  2. Hi, I don't know what command you use for taking a picture. Here is mine : fswebcam -r 1600x1200 -p YUV420P - > cam1600x1200.jpg Hope it may help you.