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    Orfait reacted to kutysam in How do I make arecord work in Mainline (Opi Zero)   
    Problem solved.
    For Mainline, do this
    1) alsamixer
    2) press TAB (Make sure it falls to F4: CAPTURE)
    3) Move to Mic1 (Use arrow keys)
    4) Press SPACE and (L R Capture will appear)
    Quit and you are good to go.
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    Orfait reacted to borombo in SH1106 128x64 (SSD1306) I2C oled display library   
    Simple library for 128x64. Works fine with SH1106 1.3" OLED and OrangePi Zero (4.9 kernel). You just need to activate I2C interface by replacing "disabled" with "okay" in device tree file (or in the fex). Connect display and test with "sudo i2cdetect -y 0" (or 1). If your display has 3d address instead 3c, change OLED_I2C_ADDR parameter it in the oled.h. Enter "make" to compile and run demo with "sudo ./oled_demo /dev/i2c-0".
    This library was written by Sonal Pinto for Arduino and ported to Linux by Vladimir Komendantskiy. I just wrote functions for text drawing and add three little fonts. This library only can  draw text at X Y with specified font and draw custom pixel, but it is easy to write line, circle, rectangle drawing functions.