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  1. I'm not expert but I'd like to contribute to test. I'm on Opi1 512Mb RAM and with the last release (Armbian Bionic) there is no swap partition. with 512Mb of DRAM it's unusable (expecially with web browser). So If I want to contribute and test zram configuration (instead of create a swap partition and automount with fstab), what should I do to start? thank you in advace
  2. Hi, I always been an retrorangepi user for my Opi1. but the lastest retrorangepi is stuck at 4.1 (I try the 4.2 slim but it's too slim) and the 4.3 beta also if its named as full, lacks of kodi and many emulators. so, my thought is. What if I build my personal emulationstation + lastest kodi on top of lastest armbian? Can I install armbian and then emustation and kodi? Do I have to install all emulator one by one? or I could use retroarch? Can I setup armbian to boot emustation? I think could be a good thing also for study
  3. Hi guys, I have the bad idea to build up little by little some house automation with an opi1 that I don't use. Just for fun. So I'd like to start with armbian and build everything from there, with no precompiled images. The first thing I want to try is Google assistant. Can I use the assistant sdk that I can find on official website? Or there is something better for opi? Can I eventually integrate it with something like or similar? I'm open for any advice. Thank you in advance
  4. Hi guys I have no time to test performace between armbian, retrorangepi and h3droid, does some one test the same app on the three system, does it run the same? I have now an armbian with kodi and retroarch that i'm using for test, but I'm planning to move to a more TV friendly OS as retrorangepi or h3droid. the main problem is Netflix, I should go for h3droid only for netflix app, but I want to be sure that retrorangepi and kodi works the same as on armbian/retrorangepi. and that the temps are the same. Can you help me if you had some experience? PS I know that I could run netflix on kodi but I didn't tested it. thank you in advance
  5. Hi guys, I'd like to install an heatsink on my OPi1. 'cause on summer ambient temps are too high... Can I install an heatsink taken from a mobo chipset on the OPi1? the heatsink is bigger than the h3 cpu, it cover either the cpu and the ram, does this (one heatsink for ram and cpu) will be bad for temp? If I want, instead, buy an heatsink for h3, 14mm or 15mm? ceramic, copper or aluminium? thank you so much
  6. thank you so much. So either if I need kodi or retropie I need to burn retrorangepi? 'Cause it seems that no official openelec exist for OPi and not a trusted fork or community mantained build what about the control? can I natively use an app for android over wifi? or I have to install one? or do you advice me another method? thank you in advance
  7. Hi to all, I have a OPi One and I just have a question: I'd like to use it as mediacenter but als like retroconsole. So, my doubt is: 1. do I need to have 2 sd card one with openelec and one with retropie? Or can I have one that do both? I don't know maybe openelec can execute retroarch with lakka gui? I know that I could use armbian with kodi and retroarch installed, but I try to find something that is confortable to use with a tv. 2. this question is related to the previous one: Opi1 has 1 usb port, can I use a normal usb hub or I need to use an hub that has external power? I plan to attach 1 hdd, a wifi key and a bt key. 3. where I could find a list of supported wifi usb and bt usb? (I have a tplink I'd like to check if it is compatible 'cause I doubt it is plug and play) 4. what kind of remote control do you advice me? a handheld keyboard? an Ir remote? a ps4 controller through bt (could be good for gaming and media)? or the evergreen smartphone with a virtual keyboard via wifi. 5. what are the "official" repo for retropie and openelec compiled for opi1 If I want to give them a try? Thank you in advance and sorry for my noob questions.
  8. Hi, guys, today I've menaged how to make my opi1 work with armbian. the problem is that my hdready tv (720p50) has some problem with underscan, the desktop goes off screen so I cannot see the taskbar. Of course this is a problem of my tv, because I have the same problem when I use it as monitor for my PC, but there I can set the underscan through nvidia setting. So, How can I set up the overscan/underscan to see all the desktop on 720p? (using h3disp and set 576p doesn't work, I have "no signal" on tv) thank you in advance
  9. Hi guys, today a archive to run an orange pi one with a 5v dedicated power ac (not usb one used for smartphones). i try either official. Ubuntu ldxe image and armbian (burned with etcher on Samsung sd) On my first try I saw on my 720p TV (hdmi) some write then nothing else, no signal. And a green led lights up with a red led blinking. on next tries no video signal at all and only the red led is still light on. I can't try android img cause phoenixcard app give me error. Is there something I could try? Thank you or just you can tell me what that leds means
  10. =( I already tried an android img (official) and it doesn't start either but I will try again with UART to see the log. for the psu what psu should I try?
  11. Sorry if I bother you. so can I trash those two Opi?
  12. So, we can coclude that both boards have a dram chip defective?
  13. Ok here I am... There Are all the tests I did today: with different Power Adaper (5v2A/5.1V2.1A/5V1,8A) same SD card all images burned with etcher. As you can see the result are the same, with armbian it freeze on DRAM and the official images from the opi website, it goes a little far but it crash again. at this point I don't know what to do, maybe I really get 2 Opi with DRAM issue? H2testw
  14. This is the cable I made, And the power adapter I use. I measure the V again now and point the negative on the bottom center of the barrel plug I have -4,96 pointing the red on the center i have 4,96 I think It's perfect for orange pi, am I correct? I didn't try to see the log of another image but I try the same image with 2 different sd on the 2 opi and the two crash at dram:
  15. Hi, do you remember my issue with 2 opi1? Well, today I burned again an armbian image with etcher and connect either of the two opi one, to a usb-ttl converter (an arduino). ok, when I put the power on the result is what you see in the attach... the two freeze on DRAM: always. the power is a xiaomi power adapter 5v2a (double checked with a multimeter) and a handmade cable (checked with the multimeter too, 4.8v/4,9v always) so...can I finally tell that my two board are faulty? or there is something I could do? thank you in advance