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  1. How to disable MIC forced? Analog output must work
  2. Hi!I already compile new kernelArmbian_5.27_Orangepipc_Debian_jessie_dev_4.11.3.imgUSB and networks work fine, but button power off dont wokrItry toacpi_listenBut no change (acpid version (1:2.0.23-2)Thank you! Please help!
  3. Device Drivers ---> <*> Memory Technology Device (MTD) support ---> <*> OpenFirmware partitioning information support <*> NAND Device Support ---> <*> Support for NAND on Allwinner SoCs But dont see nand ( 4.4.44 kernel
  4. Hi! Thank u for work! If I manually updated the kernel to 4.4 + Can I use nand-sata-install system for transfer to the built-in nand memory?
  5. Banana Pi BPI-M1+ = Banana Pi pro ?
  6. I have provided the link the whole list! Which one is right for me? Regarding USB DACs already know everything!
  7. Hi! Very thank you! Which of these cards can support? Thank you! I need a high-quality output spdif! http://www.banana-pi.org/product.html
  8. Hi! Does HIFIBERRY DIGI + PRO support for armbian ?I want used this board with banana pi bpi-m1
  9. Sometimes turn off, sometimes reboot! On previous kernel i dont se this bug!
  10. solved something is wrong with the new kernel! before the system shuts down by command shutdown -hP now but now is reboot
  11. this is not insufficiently! This does not solve the problem "off button"!
  12. Anywhere, afrter patch and make menuconfig CONFIG_AXP20X_POWER not found in .config for 4.8.10 But why without patch in 4.4.34 this present?
  13. add_configfs_overlay_for_v4.7.x.patch add-nand-pins-to-a20-dtsi.patch axp20x-sysfs-interface.patch b53_switch.kernel_4.5+.patch cubieboard_enable_mmc0_trigger_to_green_LED.patch lime2-emmc-remove-powerseq.patch packaging-4.x-NEXT-with-postinstall-scripts.patch scripts-dtc-Update-to-version-with-overlays.patch sun4icodec_4.6.x_cubietruck.patch add-H27UBG8T2BTR-nand.patch add-olinuxino-a33.patch remove-DSA-b53-driver.patch
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