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  1. Hello guys, i need to know, armbian desktop comes with mali drivers and open gl drivers installed ? if not, how i can install without bugs ?
  2. so , I am tending to problems using netbeans with the armbian, it gets very slow and the temperature of the processor reaches 65 degrees easily, I installed netbeans only with apt-get install netbeans, what can it be?
  3. Ozebe

    VLC Issue

    When I put it in fullscreen it still gets distorted, regarding its use with vdpau was quiet, since armbian already comes with everything pre-installed, regarding installation and use with vlc, it was very simple, apt-get install vlc and voila
  4. thanks, I will use my old computer source to power the molex cable.
  5. Do you think this module works to use a hard drive with the orange pi?
  6. Hi everyone, have any of you ever used the orange pi GPIO inputs to use as SATA inputs, so you can use HD's? if so, what procedure to take?
  7. Ozebe

    VLC Issue

    nope, doesn't work, in mpv the video does not play, the screen turns black, already in vlc, the video for being full hd, bug on the screen (use 1280x720), do you have any idea of the problem that would cause this?
  8. Hello guys, I am having problems with vlc, the video is running out of proportion and it is all over the interface, ie, even minimizing vlc the video is still being shown, I tried to change the codecs but I did not have a satisfactory result, because only the VDPAU works without lags Help me please, sorry for bad English.
  9. Hello, I would like instructions to install the mali 400 drivers for my orange pi pc +, I tried to install but I did not succeed, could help me?