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  1. I am not really an expert - but is this a big issue? If it is, we can port the dts patches over from Rockchips's 4.4 kernel.. Not sure what is going on then, sorry I am away for the board right now to be of any debugging use..
  2. Thanks for testing :-) @Kalobok -- you could try the latest nightly images at if you don't want to mess with your current installation.
  3. Sorry, was a bit held up.. Basically you need phy: rockchip-inno-usb2: add usb-phy support for rk3308 and arm64: dts: rk3308: Add usb related nodes to dsti and then the nodes @sbeaugrand added to the dts. But it looks like this was fixed in and needs testing :-)
  4. Yep, I have a feeling I never added the USB nodes to the device tree. Similar story with the CPU, 1008000 is the max frequency in the upstream dtsi, but the 4.4.x kernel from Rockchip added higher 1296000 and some tuning that needs to be patched in as well. It should be all be trivial, but I don't have a device to test right now.. If your willing to test, can show you what to edit and once confirmed, we can add the patches to the build system..
  5. Do you recall if USB was working on older images? Around the 5.5/6 kernel?
  6. Managed to make some more progress - networking seems to work, plus ported across the audio codec so there is analogue out. Still need to get I2S working, am at my wits end there. ____ ___ ____ _ __ ____ _ ____ | _ \ / _ \ / ___| |/ / | _ \(_) / ___| | |_) | | | | | | ' / | |_) | | \___ \ | _ <| |_| | |___| . \ | __/| | ___) | |_| \_\\___/ \____|_|\_\ |_| |_| |____/ Welcome to Armbian buster with Linux 5.5.0-rockchip64 System load: 1.14 0.39 0.14 Up time: 6 min Memory usage: 17 % of 471MB IP: Usage of /: 2% of 59G New to Armbian? Check the docum
  7. Hmm, so while reading through a few kernel mailing lists, maintainers seem to stress that patches for device tree sources (say my_new_board.dts) should have its nodes sorted alphabetically. I was just wondering if there was a tool that does this, or is it normally done manually?
  8. A little bit OT, but what is the recommended way to sort a dts file? I commonly see patches, where maintainers keep requesting for nodes in a dts file to be sorted alphabetically, but didn't find any way to achieve this? I tired a simple `dtc -I dts -O dts -s xxx.dts` but the output contains symbols that I don't really need.
  9. There is quite some noise with me trying to get the i2s up and running, will clean that up into a new branch soon. In the meantime, will also try and get the RTL8723DS up and running. I only found Bluetooth support in mainline for it, but no wifi drivers - but I could be looking in the wrong place. Else will try adding to and try and get some WiFi up and running. EDIT: Made some(?) progress with the WiFi, got the kernel to see the device, but not much more. Seems to work find, need to test more!
  10. @piter75 I have been playing around with mainline and the RockPiS ( Have a booting board with the wired networking and console. Rest of it is quite sketchy. Edit: opened up a PR so more people can play with it - Suggestions are welcome, as my experience with kernel stuff is quite low and I am learning as I go..
  11. I have been playing around the Rock Pi S from radxa, and am stumbling at enabling the I2S output using a device tree overlay. (Building using current Armbain that uses @piter75's kernel branch) As per the data sheet and pinout, `i2s_8ch_0` should be broken out to the GPIO, but I don't seem to be getting far enabling it via the device tree. Any inputs? This is what I am playing around with atm, but `dmesg` doesn't show anything helpful atm, and no "I2S-Card" device turns up. Tried disabling the inbuilt audio codec ( connected to `i2s_8ch_2`), but still no dice. The closest example
  12. Any chance of a no-frills basic router board without the NAS stuff?
  13. After some more digging - since I can get my 4.11.12 image to boot, I extracted the dtb-4.11.12 from , linked dtb -> dtb-4.11.12-sun81 and I have my internet again! What is the right way to upgrade to 4.14.18-sunxi now? sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade doesn't really work. EDIT: All is good! removed all the old packages with `sudo apt list --installed | grep linux-` then installed the required packages with sudo apt-get install linux-image-next-sunxi linux-dtb-next-su
  14. Was playing around with a well tuned system, wanted to upgrade my kernel - but seem to have broken something. I was on 5.37 - manually upgraded to stretch and everything was working quite well. Today tried upgrading my kernel, and was playing around with `armbian-config` to switch kernels, but didn't go so well. After a reboot had no network. Plugged in the serial console, and was greeted with the following. pi@orangepione:~$ uname -a Linux orangepione 4.11.12-sun8i #2 SMP Wed Nov 22 13:50:32 CET 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux pi@orangepione:~$ dpkg-query -W -f='${Version
  15. I was recently looking at TI's catalogue and came across the TPS65987D It a QFN so can be reflowed without having to worry of bga shorts. :-)