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    Super ! Thank you very much !
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    As I am a new Moderator and I am unfamiliar with this particular board software (apparently called "Invision Community"), I went looking for some docs...
    Came across
    The first thing I noticed is that it is proprietary software. Which I think is very out of character for a F/LOSS project at least alluding to the name Debian. Which carries a number of connotations, at least in my mind... Which is a whole another discussion, however...
    Secondly, a quick read through that Wikipedia article quickly reveals a number of documented cases of changing things on their users, going back on their word, etc. I see red flags all over the place. Not the sort of software I feel inclined to invest a lot of time into learning. But I am the new guy here, so...
    Has there ever been any discussion of perhaps changing forum software? Or why this one was even picked in the first place (familiarity, Jira or other integration, or...)? I did a few different searches (internally and externally) but couldn't come up with anything.
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    Managed to make some more progress - networking seems to work, plus ported across the audio codec so there is analogue out. Still need to get I2S working, am at my wits end there. 
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    Eventually I would like to end up with a tag from linux stable repo (even if it is -rcX) and a series of patches but it is more flexible to start with a custom repo now.
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    @piter75 I have been playing around with mainline and the RockPiS (
    Have a booting board with the wired networking and console. Rest of it is quite sketchy.
    Edit: opened up a PR so more people can play with it -
    Suggestions are welcome, as my experience with kernel stuff is quite low and I am learning as I go..
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    I was recently looking at TI's catalogue and came across the TPS65987D
    It a QFN so can be reflowed without having to worry of bga shorts. :-)