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  1. modprobe -r g_serial seems to work on the beta version but the serial concoction get lost and ssh doesn't work...
  2. Thanks for replying. I'm using the latest from here https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-zero/ marked as legacy stable. Not sure what kernel it's using. I tried `modprobe -r g_serial` and got: `modprobe: FATAL: Module g_serial is in use.` I tried with the otg port plugged in and unplugged. `modprobe g_hid` returned `modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'g_hid': No such device`
  3. Hi I'm a newbie to Armbian and just got the Orange Pi Zero. I want it to behave as a keyboard on the OTG port. Right now it works as a serial console. I cant find any docs on this anywhere and I'm not clued up on Linux to mess around too much Can any one help? Thanks in advance.