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  1. What is more amazing is how "cheap" these boards and SOC providers are! They should be supporting projects like this, each with like US$ 5000/ month, which would be the low end cost of a resource, monthly! I see developers like BOOTLIN and others going through Kickstart projects to collect some money and do wonderful things with little resources, like the last one about Cedrus! Open source put a lot of pressure on the SW developers, while the H/W providers just expects "support" for free, while they sale their products and expect SW developers just to collect dust! Hopefully one day, this state of affairs would change, since SW development is the most costly piece of any high tech field.
  2. Thank you! Yes, it worked! The Wi-Fi module "ssv6051" is not available! Thanks!
  3. X96 Mini -- Does Ethernet works ? Which DTB should I use ? Thanks in advance! R
  4. I guess it would be very helpful, if someone could build a table with the Box model, the DTB file used, and the status.
  5. I was able to install: This image works: Armbian_5.44_S9xxx_Ubuntu_bionic_3.14.29_mate_20180729.img But, I have been unable to get any 4.18 kernel to load correctly. I have read on this thread that some folks did it! Please share more info, thanks! R
  6. HI all, I've got a X96mini box, and I'd like to get Armbian with 4.18 running on it. Could you tell me which version works ? I just need a headless device for now. Thanks, Rosimildo.
  7. Have you checked which is the codec for the video ? You could use media_info to check it, for example. I know there are all kind of video encoding for this sample video. R
  8. Most of the time that I had the OrangePI PC to die, it was the microSD card trashed.
  9. Great News Igor got his Z28 running! I have one getting dust here, until someone with more skills solve the Reboot and Ethernet MAC address issue ( random MAC ). R
  10. I have extract the DTS from this image: LUSHEN_XJH_ZY168_V00_A7_1_RTL8188ETV_RKMC_Z28_20170524104049.rar The logo seems to confirm it is Z-28, but the DTS says it is for RK3228, which seems wrong.... anyway, I have attached the files for your reference. logo.bmp z-28.dts
  11. Hi all, Do we know if the DT for Z-28 is really identical to ROCK64 ? It seems folks are using a build for ROCK54, but I have not seen the DT files that describes this H/W. R
  12. Berni, I have tried some of these "reboot" options, but none seems to work. A thing that I observed is that the LED on top goes "blue", and stay that way. During normal operation is kind of "orange" ( lightly ). Reapplying power, it boots normally. The bad news is that we can reboot from a script for example. R
  13. Searching google a bit, I think this issue is very similar to what this guy reported:
  14. I don't know if this info is necessary, but that is what I get when I use this grabber to encode some input stream, OPI-PC : Linux orangepipc 4.11.7-sun8i #12 SMP Wed Jun 28 13:18:43 CEST 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux Driver loads ok: [ 9.158844] usbtv 4-1:1.0: Fushicai USBTV007 Audio-Video Grabber [ 9.158931] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbtv root@orangepipc:/opt# ls -l /dev/video0 crw-rw---- 1 root video 81, 0 Oct 13 13:35 /dev/video0 When it crashes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ 295.258775] INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU [ 295.265071] 0-...: (1 GPs behind) idle=6c9/140000000000002/0 softirq=6053/6053 fqs=1031 [ 295.273752] (t=2101 jiffies g=1886 c=1885 q=2148) [ 295.278446] INFO: rcu_sched detected stalls on CPUs/tasks: [ 295.278894] 0-...: (1 GPs behind) idle=6c9/140000000000002/0 softirq=6053/6053 fqs=1031 [ 295.278945] (detected by 1, t=2102 jiffies, g=1886, c=1885, q=2155) [ 295.279400] Sending NMI from CPU 1 to CPUs 0: [ 305.309817] rcu_sched kthread starved for 1003 jiffies! g1886 c1885 f0x0 RCU_GP_DOING_FQS(4) ->state=0x0 [ 305.309894] NMI backtrace for cpu 0 [ 305.310253] CPU: 0 PID: 138 Comm: kworker/0:3 Not tainted 4.11.7-sun8i #12 [ 305.310342] Hardware name: Allwinner sun8i Family [ 305.310717] Workqueue: events dbs_work_handler [ 305.311315] [<c010bad5>] (unwind_backtrace) from [<c01090df>] (show_stack+0xb/0xc) [ 305.311724] [<c01090df>] (show_stack) from [<c0463c39>] (dump_stack+0x69/0x78) [ 305.312121] [<c0463c39>] (dump_stack) from [<c0466117>] (nmi_cpu_backtrace+0x8f/0x90) [ 305.312476] [<c0466117>] (nmi_cpu_backtrace) from [<c04661bb>] (nmi_trigger_cpumask_backtrace+0xa3/0xd8) [ 305.312920] [<c04661bb>] (nmi_trigger_cpumask_backtrace) from [<c019c99b>] (rcu_dump_cpu_stacks+0x75/0x96) [ 305.313418] [<c019c99b>] (rcu_dump_cpu_stacks) from [<c01606c5>] (rcu_check_callbacks+0x415/0x5d0) [ 305.313844] [<c01606c5>] (rcu_check_callbacks) from [<c01628ed>] (update_process_times+0x25/0x44) [ 305.314223] [<c01628ed>] (update_process_times) from [<c016f0f3>] (tick_sched_timer+0x2b/0x54) [ 305.314604] [<c016f0f3>] (tick_sched_timer) from [<c016335b>] (__hrtimer_run_queues+0xd7/0x140) [ 305.314964] [<c016335b>] (__hrtimer_run_queues) from [<c016356f>] (hrtimer_interrupt+0x7b/0x16c) [ 305.315383] [<c016356f>] (hrtimer_interrupt) from [<c05d9527>] (arch_timer_handler_phys+0x1f/0x24) [ 305.315893] [<c05d9527>] (arch_timer_handler_phys) from [<c0159e07>] (handle_percpu_devid_irq+0x4b/0xd8) [ 305.316315] [<c0159e07>] (handle_percpu_devid_irq) from [<c0156c9b>] (generic_handle_irq+0x17/0x20) [ 305.316701] [<c0156c9b>] (generic_handle_irq) from [<c0157057>] (__handle_domain_irq+0x3f/0x80) [ 305.317056] [<c0157057>] (__handle_domain_irq) from [<c0101335>] (gic_handle_irq+0x39/0x6c) [ 305.317382] [<c0101335>] (gic_handle_irq) from [<c0109925>] (__irq_svc+0x65/0x94) [ 305.317515] Exception stack(0xc9c37bd8 to 0xc9c37c20) [ 305.317696] 7bc0: 00000000 40000193 [ 305.318015] 7be0: 00000002 00009ad2 edc4b100 60000113 eeb7e400 00000000 eeb7e4d8 ffffe000 [ 305.318337] 7c00: 40000000 c0b02080 60000193 c9c37c28 c056c0f7 c0559728 60000133 ffffffff [ 305.318744] [<c0109925>] (__irq_svc) from [<c0559728>] (__usb_hcd_giveback_urb+0x5c/0xd4) [ 305.319164] [<c0559728>] (__usb_hcd_giveback_urb) from [<c0559803>] (usb_giveback_urb_bh+0x63/0x94) [ 305.319580] [<c0559803>] (usb_giveback_urb_bh) from [<c011bb49>] (tasklet_hi_action+0x51/0xbc) [ 305.319984] [<c011bb49>] (tasklet_hi_action) from [<c011bd57>] (__do_softirq+0xa7/0x1a0) [ 305.320370] [<c011bd57>] (__do_softirq) from [<c011c059>] (irq_exit+0x8d/0xdc) [ 305.320757] [<c011c059>] (irq_exit) from [<c015705b>] (__handle_domain_irq+0x43/0x80) [ 305.320896] rcu_sched R [ 305.321217] [<c015705b>] (__handle_domain_irq) from [<c0101335>] (gic_handle_irq+0x39/0x6c) [ 305.321293] running task [ 305.321569] [<c0101335>] (gic_handle_irq) from [<c0109925>] (__irq_svc+0x65/0x94) [ 305.321700] Exception stack(0xc9c37d18 to 0xc9c37d60) [ 305.321853] 0 8 2 0x00000000 [ 305.322034] 7d00: 00000083 00000001 [ 305.322461] [<c06f80c3>] (__schedule) from [<c06f876f>] (preempt_schedule_common+0x13/0x20) [ 305.322856] [<c06f876f>] (preempt_schedule_common) from [<c06f87a3>] (_cond_resched+0x27/0x2c) [ 305.322955] 7d20: fff95200 00004024 f0809000 c09142d4 042c1d80 00000000 10000000 0010624c [ 305.323403] [<c06f87a3>] (_cond_resched) from [<c015fd0f>] (rcu_gp_kthread+0x357/0x6b0) [ 305.323499] 7d40: 610333fe 0000003f 29aa5045 c9c37d6c c04ab0db c0163f8c 60000133 ffffffff [ 305.323850] [<c0109925>] (__irq_svc) from [<c0163f8c>] (ktime_get+0x8/0xbc) [ 305.324230] [<c015fd0f>] (rcu_gp_kthread) from [<c012c639>] (kthread+0xf5/0xfc) [ 305.324646] [<c012c639>] (kthread) from [<c01060f1>] (ret_from_fork+0x11/0x20) [ 305.324902] [<c0163f8c>] (ktime_get) from [<90001810>] (0x90001810)