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  1. Indeed you need to write fip/u-boot.bin at the second block (512bytes)
  2. @Igorthe firnware are stored here until we manage to get them into linux-firmware...
  3. @Igor The Debian stretch image works fine, I looked in the /boot directory of the Ubuntu images and it's empty
  4. @TonyMac32 I'm getting a failure in u-boot with the latest 4.19 bionic desktop LePotato image I get from :
  5. @TonyMac32 the fixup was not right (it worked, but was not the right way), can you check if does the same effect ? I'm also checking on my side
  6. @TonyMac32I found a regression, can you test this fix ?
  7. @TonyMac32 What did you change between the 4.19.9-meson64 and 4.19.10-meson64 kernel ? the only upstream change is about adding the HDMI 1080p25 mode
  8. @rino so you connect the same screen via HDMI and "HDMI to DVI" and only the "HDMI to DVI" fails ? What is the resolution selected via HDMI and "HDMI to DVI" ? is that 1920x1200, 1920x1080 or 1600*1200 ? On 4.19 I added a "generic" support for all monitors, but I waited for feedback to know if it failed on some monitors. Let me check
  9. @rinoAudio is only supported out of HDMI now, we need funding (and time) to finish audio properly and have the 3,5mm Jack output and S/PDIF with data passthrough
  10. @TonyMac32 With witch screen do you still have an issue you didn't had with the previous kernel releases ?
  11. @Tommy21You won't have OpenGL acceleration, but yes should be able with the actual images. With a Bionic ubuntu desktop image, you should be able to select wayland gnome at the login prompt.
  12. We plan to use for LaFrite, but it works on LePotato aswell, and it will be supported by the next U-boot version (in master right now We still need to generate a generic initramfs+kernel image to flash anything.
  13. @TonyMac32the overalloc is for the fbdev variant only, which won't work at all on 4.19 (needs a dirty quirk to enable it back which will land on 4.20, if you plan to use the X11, Wayland or GBM variant you should use the CONFIG_DRM_FBDEV_OVERALLOC=100 default config For USB, this patch should solve your issue for the K2 and C2.
  14. Yes this is normal since there is no HW OpenGL acceleration yet ! (But Lima is beginnning to be usable !) @TonyMac32i think I the last issue for your 4K display : drop the CONFIG_DRM_FBDEV_OVERALLOC=300 to CONFIG_DRM_FBDEV_OVERALLOC=100 this 300 value is only used for the libMali fbdev, otherwise it’s useless and a waste of memory !
  15. @martinayotte well the person who posted the patch didn’t answer back to repost it in a correct way and we have very few users of s905 using this port...
  16. @TonyMac32 weird stuff, could you dump the DRI driver status in /sys/kernel/debug/dri at each step ? same for EDID, EDID+status when freshly booted and non-working screen, and the same with it's working Thanks ! @guidol can you dump the output of read-edid in binary format ? the parse-edid gives Xorg format output, which is not the best :-p Neil
  17. Oh yeah for the Ethernet, you should really take this fix The IRQ type was wrong since the beginning... not it works correctly...
  18. Hi @TonyMac32 I'm having a look at this. First, please apply these 2 fixes to remove the kernel warnings : (They will be backported to 4.19 in the next weeks) Can you try powering the monitor on an external power source, then power the board with the display already powered ? I have an issue with USB Displays, since the kernel enables the USB power very late, the monitor EDID is not available and the kernel fallsback automatically to 1024x768 resolution. This could explain why if you unplug/replug, it works. Powering the display *before* could solve this, the solution is to enable the 5V USB power from U-Boot. You can also try adding "usb start" in the boot script before starting the kernel. @guidolyour monitor seems weird ! Could you provide the EDID of the monitor ? Could you try this patch this should avoid the "*ERROR* Failed to set fbdev configuration" error ?
  19. Hi @TonyMac32! thanks for these reports, I really near 0 report rate on the display support... so it’s cool to have something at least ! If you need to plug the displays after boot is because they depends on the usb 5v which is enabled too late in the boot and the display driver fails to get a correct EDID table for the monitor and falls back to 1024x768 which is not always supported by the small displays. The simplest way is to enable the 5v regulator from u-boot, but it needs a patch. can you give me the /sys/kernel/debug/dri content and the edid of the dvi adapter in /sys/class/dri/HDMI-A-1/edid for the cec issue, no idea at all !! On which board does this happens ? And on which monitor ? for the -5 clock issue, did you apply chewitt’s « clk_div3 » patch aswell ?
  20. @TonyMac32 Here is a fix :
  21. @TonyMac32 yeah, I know this one, and I need to solve it. Hopefullyt it won't harm, it's just a warning I need to solve and find time to solve it...