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  1. Indeed you need to write fip/u-boot.bin at the second block (512bytes)
  2. @Igorthe firnware are stored here until we manage to get them into linux-firmware...
  3. @Igor The Debian stretch image works fine, I looked in the /boot directory of the Ubuntu images and it's empty
  4. @TonyMac32 I'm getting a failure in u-boot with the latest 4.19 bionic desktop LePotato image I get from :
  5. @TonyMac32 the fixup was not right (it worked, but was not the right way), can you check if does the same effect ? I'm also checking on my side
  6. @TonyMac32I found a regression, can you test this fix ?
  7. @TonyMac32 What did you change between the 4.19.9-meson64 and 4.19.10-meson64 kernel ? the only upstream change is about adding the HDMI 1080p25 mode
  8. @rino so you connect the same screen via HDMI and "HDMI to DVI" and only the "HDMI to DVI" fails ? What is the resolution selected via HDMI and "HDMI to DVI" ? is that 1920x1200, 1920x1080 or 1600*1200 ? On 4.19 I added a "generic" support for all monitors, but I waited for feedback to know if it failed on some monitors. Let me check
  9. @rinoAudio is only supported out of HDMI now, we need funding (and time) to finish audio properly and have the 3,5mm Jack output and S/PDIF with data passthrough
  10. @TonyMac32 With witch screen do you still have an issue you didn't had with the previous kernel releases ?
  11. @Tommy21You won't have OpenGL acceleration, but yes should be able with the actual images. With a Bionic ubuntu desktop image, you should be able to select wayland gnome at the login prompt.