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  1. Is this only on Le Potato ? This should not happen, it fails while registering a clock.
  2. @ning exact, the OSD scaler is shared between the OSD1 & OSD1, but we use the scaler to update automatically the field when in interlace mode, if we wanted to enable OSD2 we should switch the field manually in the vsync irq. It's doable but I don't plan on doing it For A311D, Amlogic did a brand new blender module for OSD and VD planes, but I don't have the exact capabilities of the blender and the number of available scalers, when I'll have the info, I may expose more OSD planes and eventually a Cursor plane.
  3. No, sorry. The OSD2 plane does not have a scaler, so we cannot use it in all mode settings (especially interlaced outputs)
  4. S805X doesn’t support 4K, even if it works some time, it’s not stable enough to consider functional, I sent fixes to Da for that, but he’s still testing them. any (binary) edid dump would help ! and for 4K development, the hdmi2 yuv420 4k60 mode is only used on Cheap 4K TVs, workout this patchset you’ll have 4k30 just fine
  5. Indeed you need to write fip/u-boot.bin at the second block (512bytes)
  6. @Igorthe firnware are stored here https://github.com/LibreELEC/meson-firmware until we manage to get them into linux-firmware...
  7. @Igor The Debian stretch image works fine, I looked in the /boot directory of the Ubuntu images and it's empty
  8. @TonyMac32 I'm getting a failure in u-boot with the latest 4.19 bionic desktop LePotato image I get from armbian.com :
  9. @TonyMac32 the fixup was not right (it worked, but was not the right way), can you check if https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/277316/ does the same effect ? I'm also checking on my side
  10. @TonyMac32I found a regression, can you test this fix ? https://github.com/superna9999/linux/commit/b9edb9c9eec654ba57f8da7966e4b1b81a6d7c7b
  11. @TonyMac32 What did you change between the 4.19.9-meson64 and 4.19.10-meson64 kernel ? the only upstream change is about adding the HDMI 1080p25 mode
  12. @rino so you connect the same screen via HDMI and "HDMI to DVI" and only the "HDMI to DVI" fails ? What is the resolution selected via HDMI and "HDMI to DVI" ? is that 1920x1200, 1920x1080 or 1600*1200 ? On 4.19 I added a "generic" support for all monitors, but I waited for feedback to know if it failed on some monitors. Let me check
  13. @rinoAudio is only supported out of HDMI now, we need funding (and time) to finish audio properly and have the 3,5mm Jack output and S/PDIF with data passthrough
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