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  1. @going I have an uptime of 10 days on this :- Armbian_23.10_Bananapim3_bookworm_edge_6.4.10_minimal.zip
  2. @going A millivoltmeter and knowledge of the measuring point is something that cannot be programmed and provided. This might help this is BPi-M3 v1.2, so there maybe other versions available from BananaPi themselves ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4PAo2nW2KfnY2dSS1ZzUlpyTDQ/view?pli=1&resourcekey=0-WdF9yYKr5CF7-5VDdLakMA
  3. @going I am getting "Too slow Downloading speed" repeatedly aborting when very nearly downloaded. I put it up as an issue against your repo :- https://github.com/The-going/armbian-build/issues/21 Anyway I have a working build now and can reproduce your work at this end which is very good news ! Thank you !
  4. updated `userpatches/config-test.conf` changing `KERNEL_CONFIGURE="no"` solved the issue.
  5. @going After doing the following its done a load of downloads, then put me in the middle of a console kernel configuration Q&A ! ``` git clone --depth=120 --branch=pbs-master https://github.com/The-going/armbian-build cd armbian-build git pull mkdir userpatches cp config/templates/config-test.conf userpatches ./compile.sh test BUILD_ONLY=default ``` ``` * * Restart config... * * * Configure standard kernel features (expert users) * Configure standard kernel features (expert users) (EXPERT) [Y/n/?] y Enable 16-bit UID system calls (UID16) [Y/n/?] y Multiple users, groups and capabilities support (MULTIUSER) [Y/n/?] y sgetmask/ssetmask syscalls support (SGETMASK_SYSCALL) [N/y/?] n Sysfs syscall support (SYSFS_SYSCALL) [Y/n/?] y open by fhandle syscalls (FHANDLE) [Y/n/?] y Posix Clocks & timers (POSIX_TIMERS) [Y/n/?] y Enable support for printk (PRINTK) [Y/n/?] y BUG() support (BUG) [Y/n/?] y Enable ELF core dumps (ELF_CORE) [Y/n/?] y Enable full-sized data structures for core (BASE_FULL) [Y/n/?] y Enable futex support (FUTEX) [Y/n/?] y Enable eventpoll support (EPOLL) [Y/n/?] y Enable signalfd() system call (SIGNALFD) [Y/n/?] y Enable timerfd() system call (TIMERFD) [Y/n/?] y Enable eventfd() system call (EVENTFD) [Y/?] y Use full shmem filesystem (SHMEM) [Y/?] y Enable AIO support (AIO) [Y/n/?] y Enable IO uring support (IO_URING) [Y/?] y Enable madvise/fadvise syscalls (ADVISE_SYSCALLS) [Y/n/?] y Enable membarrier() system call (MEMBARRIER) [Y/?] y Load all symbols for debugging/ksymoops (KALLSYMS) [Y/?] y Test the basic functions and performance of kallsyms (KALLSYMS_SELFTEST) [N/y/?] (NEW) Y Include all symbols in kallsyms (KALLSYMS_ALL) [N/y/?] n * * Enable loadable module support * Enable loadable module support (MODULES) [Y/n/?] y Module debugging (MODULE_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW) Y Module statistics (MODULE_STATS) [N/y/?] (NEW) y Debug duplicate modules with auto-loading (MODULE_DEBUG_AUTOLOAD_DUPS) [N/y/?] (NEW) Forced module loading (MODULE_FORCE_LOAD) [N/y/?] n Module unloading (MODULE_UNLOAD) [Y/n/?] y Forced module unloading (MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD) [Y/n/?] y Tainted module unload tracking (MODULE_UNLOAD_TAINT_TRACKING) [N/y/?] n Module versioning support (MODVERSIONS) [N/y/?] n Source checksum for all modules (MODULE_SRCVERSION_ALL) [N/y/?] n Module signature verification (MODULE_SIG) [Y/?] y Require modules to be validly signed (MODULE_SIG_FORCE) [N/y/?] n Automatically sign all modules (MODULE_SIG_ALL) [Y/n/?] y Which hash algorithm should modules be signed with? > 1. Sign modules with SHA-1 (MODULE_SIG_SHA1) 2. Sign modules with SHA-224 (MODULE_SIG_SHA224) 3. Sign modules with SHA-256 (MODULE_SIG_SHA256) 4. Sign modules with SHA-384 (MODULE_SIG_SHA384) 5. Sign modules with SHA-512 (MODULE_SIG_SHA512) choice[1-5?]: 1 Module compression mode 1. None (MODULE_COMPRESS_NONE) 2. GZIP (MODULE_COMPRESS_GZIP) > 3. XZ (MODULE_COMPRESS_XZ) 4. ZSTD (MODULE_COMPRESS_ZSTD) choice[1-4?]: 3 Support in-kernel module decompression (MODULE_DECOMPRESS) [Y/n/?] y Allow loading of modules with missing namespace imports (MODULE_ALLOW_MISSING_NAMESPACE_IMPORTS) [N/y/?] n Path to modprobe binary (MODPROBE_PATH) [/sbin/modprobe] /sbin/modprobe Trim unused exported kernel symbols (TRIM_UNUSED_KSYMS) [N/y/?] n * * Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap) * Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap) (SWAP) [Y/n/?] y Compressed cache for swap pages (ZSWAP) [Y/n/?] y Enable the compressed cache for swap pages by default (ZSWAP_DEFAULT_ON) [Y/n/?] y Default compressor 1. Deflate (ZSWAP_COMPRESSOR_DEFAULT_DEFLATE) 2. LZO (ZSWAP_COMPRESSOR_DEFAULT_LZO) 3. 842 (ZSWAP_COMPRESSOR_DEFAULT_842) 4. LZ4 (ZSWAP_COMPRESSOR_DEFAULT_LZ4) 5. LZ4HC (ZSWAP_COMPRESSOR_DEFAULT_LZ4HC) > 6. zstd (ZSWAP_COMPRESSOR_DEFAULT_ZSTD) choice[1-6?]: 6 Default allocator 1. zbud (ZSWAP_ZPOOL_DEFAULT_ZBUD) > 2. z3fold (ZSWAP_ZPOOL_DEFAULT_Z3FOLD) 3. zsmalloc (ZSWAP_ZPOOL_DEFAULT_ZSMALLOC) choice[1-3?]: 2 2:1 compression allocator (zbud) (ZBUD) [Y/n/m/?] y 3:1 compression allocator (z3fold) (Z3FOLD) [Y/?] y N:1 compression allocator (zsmalloc) (ZSMALLOC) [Y/m/?] y Export zsmalloc statistics (ZSMALLOC_STAT) [N/y/?] n Maximum number of physical pages per-zspage (ZSMALLOC_CHAIN_SIZE) [8] (NEW) * * SLAB allocator options * Choose SLAB allocator 1. SLAB (SLAB) > 2. SLUB (Unqueued Allocator) (SLUB) choice[1-2?]: 2 Configure SLUB for minimal memory footprint (SLUB_TINY) [N/y/?] (NEW) ```
  6. Thank you, you two, I will try tomorrow now as its a bit late here. Will also check out the 1Gb/s switch tomorrow now too.
  7. Hi @going @Gunjan Gupta, I have five boards from three separate purchases, I have access to 4 of these boards presently. If there is anyway we can identify these boards visually it would be great, although all my boards do seem consistent and have worked with most said to be working images over the last 5 or more years apart from recently. I can put up all the working images I have ever used if that would be helpful. I am up for tests, but would also appreciate detailed instructions on how to build a distro, as I cannot seem to get anything that works using Armbian/build. Also there are issues with the logs, they change Debian 12 Bookworm I believe to journalctl based binary log files. It would be good to have a list of relevant log files to post, if theres something that explains this it would be useful. @going What are you using to gauge system responsiveness ? Armbian_23.10_Bananapim3_bookworm_edge_6.4.10_minimal has been up for 48 hours after being updated, and upgraded, and software reset. Armbian_23.10_Bananapim3_bookworm_edge_6.4.16_minimal boots fine, updates, upgrades fine, software reboot is fine. BTW I have never had any issues with Ethernet on the BananaPi M3.
  8. I don't fully follow ? I tried this a number of times on different hardware both machine and uSDCard's.
  9. sudo apt-get upgrade must have solved it.
  10. Armbian_23.10_Bananapim3_bookworm_edge_6.4.10_minimal - is giving me Russian or Greek on apt-get messages, despite choosing the correct Locale. Its installed okay on a 256GB Samsung uSDCard and seems fine other than the apt messages being in Russian.
  11. @going I try both, using the 'sudo reboot now' is the best method of restarting a machine. I use it remotely on upgrading machines.
  12. @Gunjan - no it's stuck in continuous boot trial and rebooting. Its failing on multiple devices and multiple uSDCards.
  13. Does not seem to build for me on Ubuntu-22.04.3 LTS
  14. It looks like we must have hardware differences. I have a total of 5 BananaPi M3's so have quite an investment. I have run two for over 5 years on two separate phases of Armbian. The older ones upgraded across versions from Jessie to Stretch. Then I did a separate Buster install when Stretch failed to upgrade. Buster then failed and the image would not then upgrade. I will do more tests with the 24.2.0 Bookworm current-6.6.13 on more devices. Also will parallel test the working 23.10 Bookworm edge-6.4.10-minimal.
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