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  1. for example : (for phd2 ppa, but same for all other new ppa) : on /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pch-ubuntu-phd2-focal.list : deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/pch/phd2/ubuntu focal main All default source for armbian and ubuntu is on "bionic" (18.04lts)
  2. is same for 19.11.3 4.4.192 Nanopi Just need test last image for tinkerboard
  3. Hello @Igor I have finally understood the problem. From version 4.4.192 on nanopi and 4.4.190 on tinkerboard. When adding a PPA this one is automatically added with the sources for "focal" (20.04LTS) instead of "bionic" (18.04LTS). PPA which does not work, is not compatible with "focal", that is why.
  4. Hello. I wanted to test the latest version of armbian for tinkerboard (Armbian_19.11.3_Tinkerboard_bionic_legacy_4.4.199_desktop) Unfortunately this version does not work and not start. The green led remains off. I try with different sd micro card of different brand and I check the key SHA. With my old version no start problem (Armbian_5.95_Tinkerboard_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.190_desktop). in addition the previous images were deleted thank for help!
  5. Hello. after a lot of tests: For nanopi-m4: the latest PPA bug-free version is: 4.4.190 For the tinkerboard: The latest PPA bug-free version of is: 4.4.182 I do not understand where this bug comes from but I test 2 ppa totally different: ppa:pch/phd2 ppa:mutlaqja/libgphoto2
  6. My last test is on june 2019 (on 4.4.190) for nanopi-m4 and tinkerboard.
  7. No bug on 4.4.190. Ppa bug is just for 4.4.192 on nanopi-m4 I will test on the tinkerboard.
  8. I tested the version: Armbian_5.90_Nanopim4_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.179_desktop If I switch to 5.3.0-rc4 5.99.191102 no have error for PPA. I just have to test version 4.4.190 all this test is just for nanopim4 because she most faster board
  9. I tested the version: Armbian_5.90_Nanopim4_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.179_desktop If I do "sudo apt update" then "sudo apt upgrade" I pass in 4.4.192 and I have the same error. By cons, if I freeze the kernel, and I made an update / upgrade, I can add without problem all the PPA. I tried on the basic version in 4.4.192 to pass in 4.4.179 but I still have the bug with some PPA.
  10. Apart from this problem no major problem. On armbian
  11. for all test my board is synchronize with internet time. I tested the same PPA on a raspberry Pi 4 on xubuntu and everything is very well done.
  12. Yes, all this software is build for armhf/aarch64 my projet : https://github.com/Patrick-81/NAFABox everything worked fine until now
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