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  1. sgjava

    Odroid C1

    OK, I got it to build. The secret is REPOSITORY_INSTALL= REPOSITORY_INSTALL (comma-separated list): list of core packages which will be installed from repository Available options: u-boot, kernel, bsp, armbian-bsp-cli,armbian-bsp-desktop,armbian-desktop,armbian-config, armbian-firmware Set to “” to use packages one from local output or build if not available I'll do it from scratch and post final instructions.
  2. sgjava

    Odroid C1

    @Markus_ Using current and jammy I get: sudo ./compile.sh BOARD=odroidc1 CLEAN_LEVEL= KERNEL_KEEP_CONFIG=yes COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE=sha,xz EXPERT=yes REPOSITORY_INSTALL=u-boot [ .... ] Installing from repository [ linux-u-boot-odroidc1-current ] And debug install.log: E: Unable to locate package linux-u-boot-odroidc1-current
  3. sgjava

    Odroid C1

    @Markus_ I'll try this tomorrow, thanks!
  4. sgjava

    Odroid C1

    @Tomasz Grzegurzkocan you give the command line you used? I'll try now. After git pull I get: odroidc arm aml_meson odroidc hardkernel m8b hardkernel/odroidc:DDR3_1GB [ error ] ERROR in function compile_uboot [ functions/cli/cli-entrypoint.sh:109 -> functions/main/build-tasks.sh:278 -> functions/main/build-tasks.sh:145 -> functions/compilation/uboot.sh:131 -> functions/logging/traps.sh:0 ] [ error ] U-boot compilation failed [ o.k. ] Process terminated Using: sudo ./compile.sh BOARD=odroidc1 BRANCH=current RELEASE=jammy BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE=sha,gpg,img
  5. @Markus_ Can you provide the steps to build? It would be interesting to try 6.1.0 kernel since that's LTS like 5.1.0.
  6. sgjava

    Odroid C1

    @Markus_ Just a FYI, the focal image with 5.10 kernel allowed reboot. You can freeze the kernel and upgrade to Jammy that way. Reboot still works.
  7. @SteeManit finally built for me. Boots without wifi, so making progress. Thanks for you help. 5.x image working fine on Jammy now.
  8. @SteeMan 6.x kernel still failing, can you try edge?
  9. uname -a Linux nanopiduo 5.15.81-sunxi #trunk SMP Tue Dec 6 17:19:18 EST 2022 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Release: 22.04 Codename: jammy
  10. @SteeMan that did the trick: [ o.k. ] Kernel file name [ linux-image-current-sunxi_23.02.0-trunk_armhf.deb ] [ o.k. ] Runtime [ 53:30 min ] [ o.k. ] Repeat Build Options [ ./compile.sh BOARD=nanopiduo BRANCH=current RELEASE=jammy BUILD_MINIMAL=no BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no COMPRESS_OUTPUTIMAGE=sha,gpg,img ]
  11. OK, no matter what the build fails in various places. I'd like to see someone else try nanopiduo build.
  12. OK, I see what I did with docker build. I need nanopiduo, not duo, trying that now.
  13. Then I try: ./compile.sh docker KERNEL_ONLY=yes BOARD=duo BRANCH=current KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes [ warn ] The KERNEL_ONLY key is no longer used. [ KERNEL_ONLY=yes ] [ warn ] Instead, use BUILD_ONLY to select the build target. [ u-boot,kernel,armbian-config,armbian-zsh,plymouth-theme-armbian,armbian-firmware,armbian-bsp ] [ o.k. ] BUILD_ONLY enforced to: [ u-boot,kernel,armbian-config,armbian-zsh,plymouth-theme-armbian,armbian-firmware,armbian-bsp ] /root/armbian/lib/functions/main/config-prepare.sh: line 109: /root/armbian/config/boards/duo.: No such file or directory [ error ] ERROR in function prepare_and_config_main_build_single [ functions/cli/cli-entrypoint.sh:106 -> functions/main/config-prepare.sh:112 -> functions/logging/traps.sh:0 ] [ error ] Board configuration does not define valid kernel config [ o.k. ] Process terminated
  14. Docker spits out: [ error ] Docker container build exited with code: [ 0 ] Using: sudo ./compile.sh docker-shell BOARD=duo BRANCH=current RELEASE=jammy Can you verify if you can build duo local? I'm using a Jammy x86_64 VirtualBox desktop.
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