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  1. This worked, the port negotiates fine in autoconfig at 1000FD with no packet loss.
  2. Downgraded to version 5.8.16 and everything seems to work fine for me, hdmi & eth0, then i freeze firmware updates. (Sorry for my google english)
  3. Thanks, it is a new installation, I had the problem of the disabled hdmi port. When I saw today's update, I installed it and everything just got worse. I have tried the buster and bullseye images with the same result. I will try to prove.
  4. I have updated the armbian kernel from version 20.11.3 to version 20.11.6 and eth0 only works by forcing the switch to 100FD. If I leave it on automatic, the port negotiates at 1000FD but loses most packets. Any suggestion?
  5. Does this work? How is it done? Is there any guide for dummies? Ubuntu xenial is not valid for me for missing php5 and something else, but if it works overlayroot. I really liked how it works. In debian jessie with kernel 4.8.4 it works but I want to freeze the system. I just need to make overlayroot work. PD: On behalf of google, sorry for the translation.
  6. I modified the code to expand to 256 mb. I changed the cp command for rsync, I do not remember exactly why I did it but surely solved a problem I had. /usr/local/bin/log2ram: #!/bin/sh HDD_LOG=/var/log.hdd/ RAM_LOG=/var/log/ SIZE=256M case "$1" in start) [ -d $HDD_LOG ] || mkdir $HDD_LOG mount --bind $RAM_LOG $HDD_LOG mount --make-private $HDD_LOG mount -t tmpfs -o nosuid,noexec,nodev,mode=0755,size=$SIZE ramlog $RAM_LOG rsync -aXWv --delete --links $HDD_LOG $RAM_LOG # cp -rfup $HDD_LOG -T $RAM_LOG ;; stop) rsync -aXWv --delete --links $RAM_LOG $HDD_LOG # cp -rfup $RAM_LOG -T $HDD_LOG umount -l $RAM_LOG umount -l $HDD_LOG ;; write) rsync -aXWv --delete --links $RAM_LOG $HDD_LOG # cp -rfup $RAM_LOG -T $HDD_LOG ;; esac
  7. /etc/cron.daily/log2ram: #!/bin/sh test -x /usr/local/bin/log2ram || exit 0 /usr/local/bin/log2ram write
  8. I found this googling: https://github.com/azlux/log2ram It would be a solution? It will work with Armbian?
  9. I'm with you phleum. Wheezy is better than Jessie, in my humble opinion, for several reasons. Is there a problem or incompatibility putting Stretch (testing) with Armbian repository?. I want to update multiple systems. Jessie missing some packages I need, do exist in Wheezy and Stretch, and I would not mix versions
  10. As of 25 April, one year after the release of Debian 8, alias "Jessie", and nearly three years after the release of Debian 7, alias "Wheezy", regular security support for Wheezy comes to an end. The Debian Long Term Support (LTS) Team will take over security support. https://www.debian.org/News/2016/20160425 Important: Wheezy-LTS only supports i386 and amd64. The support for armel and armhf is waiting for confirmation from all related Debian Teams. Users of other architectures are encouraged to upgrade to Debian 8 ("Jessie").
  11. Oh, sorry. I did not understand that "w/o" = without. google translator. Since the adoption of systemd by debian, I've only had problems. Do one thing and do it well, ha!!! Damn systemd. Damn RedHat. Sorry Igor
  12. Hi. In the new image of banana pi (Armbian_5.00_Bananapi_Debian_jessie_4.4.1) there is no ramlog. apt-get can not find it. It has been permanently removed?
  13. Well, I do not know exactly how the script works. I propose an idea, find out first mounted partitions and display the data later. df -l excluding tmpfs, for example, do that. I do not know programming, I'm too old for that but certainly with your magic you know how. A query, how do I show the data with the session already started?
  14. With the new kernel 4.4.1 and removing the added line, seems to work fine.