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  1. Ecryptfs not available

    Just quick comment here: I am with latest armbian (5.23) and sun4i_ss seems to work correctly (seems, I need futher testing). So problems with encryption (ecryptfs, ssh, etc) should be gone
  2. My acknowledge to these guys too, and also to zador.blood.stained. The involvement and support I have seen in this project is lot better than most commercial initiatives. I donated because they really deserve it, and that's the real way to say thanks and keep up the good work.
  3. Be aware that Banana Pi and Pro share the same image, so don't get crazy if you see Banana Pro in your files or login
  4. Battery management via AXP209 (Banana Pi/Pro)

    By the way, I didn't check your link. Yes, you can also use those scripts but the guys at armbian made it a "built-in" feature. I think that my approach on the message above is way more simple.
  5. Battery management via AXP209 (Banana Pi/Pro)

    If you are using mainline kernel, you can use cron (for instance) to read every X minutes: /sys/power/axp_pmu/ac/connected >>To find out if connected to AC power or not (then it's battery) /sys/power/axp_pmu/battery/capacity >> To get a % of battery charge To me is easier to say at 20 (%) than 3.75 mV or similar I have a script that checks every 10 minutes, when ac is cut off it sends a warning mail. When battery is <20% it goes to self-shutdown Legacy kernel has something similar, but I can't check right now (google for that if you need it)
  6. How to change motd?

    Alternatively, you can do chmod -x 30-sysinfo or any other script you want to disable. The effect is the same as removing but you keep the file in case you want it in the future
  7. No package updates

    Is it really 30-sysinfo? My login takes also time but there are several processes involved in the login
  8. Minidlna issue database

    Then I don't know... do you get any errors in logs? dmesg or minidlna.log?
  9. Cubietruck / A20: HDD more than 2TB?

    It is possible. At least for banana pi M1 (A20) it can handle a 3TB hdd with no issues. Just remember that you have to change your disk partition table to GPT instead of standard MBR because the latter is limited to 2.2 gb. This is regarding SATA connection, if you use some kind of usb-to-sata adaptor, check that it is able to handle >2.2 TB
  10. Minidlna issue database

    Do you have enough inotify watches?I can't remember exactly where (look on google for increasing inotify watches on debian) but the default was low for me on debian. Maybe the other distributions just have more value by default.
  11. How to expand file system?

    I suggest you use a computer with linux (installed or live) to do that, for instance with gparted. Resizing from the running system, even if possible (raspbian is able) is not a good idea.
  12. No package updates

    Then I will disable /etc/update-motd.d/40-updates and save some miliseconds in the login process
  13. No package updates

    That was it, you really hit the point. When i check history.log (.1 .2) there are traces of the updated packages. Thank you very much for the tip. And by the way, I'm gladly suprised that armbian has this feature turned on, I could never imagine that (and I love to keep my system updated)
  14. No package updates

    Just in case I have added backports and same result, no updates available
  15. No package updates

    Hi! Apollon77: Yes, all of them seem to download properly, no errors, timeouts, etc And I have checked the sources.list and looks pretty much the seem, I just miss backports, could that be the reason? armbian.list.txt sources.list.txt