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    jeyjey got a reaction from lanefu in CLI forced variants   
    Hi friends. It is not needed anymore. Infact after the first boot I found the CLI version directly!! It is beautifull. By the command: sudo armbian-config, I made the job!!! I installed the wi-fi settings, the italian keyboard and go!!! I don't need desktop software because I would try to create a Cluster over the Armbian layer on four SBC connected in a box!! Thanks! I  love thus way to do: CLI and then if needed Desktop!!!!
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    jeyjey got a reaction from Igor in CLUSTER   
    Hi, I am new of this kind of computing. I pointed my attention on Orange PI boards, because their cheapness. I just made a donation because I prefere this distro instead of the Orange Pi factory. I tested both and I prefere a lot this. This website is well readeable instead of other. I think that I will do other donations because I believe in this project. I am here because I am trying to create a cluster in superlow power consumption. I would like to create it with one Orange Pi Pc 2 and some Zero boards. I will search for informations and libraryes to build and configure the cluster. Please if anyone want to share his information is wellcome here in my posts thread.
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