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  1. Looking for board for nas

    Hi, I finally ordered a clearfog pro to make a NAS/router behind my ISP modem. I also bought a mPCIe sata controller (ASM1061) with two sata ports and a mPCIe wifi card (Compex WLE600VX). I would like to install armbian on a M.2 SSD (it is not the emmc version). I guess I have to boot primarily on a SD card, then what do I have to do in order to boot on the M.2 SSD ? To help debugging, I can make use of the serial console on the micro usb port, is that right ? Regards
  2. Power supply units

    I would like to raise the "issue" of power supply units. Indeed, they are the key component of all what we build, it is also a security issue (what happens at full load) and it seems to me quite difficult to distinguish between the numerous PSU over the market. I am just an newbie on this topic, just willing to get a stable, silent (I mean without annoying sharp noise, not talking about cooling fans) and safe PSUs. I found this page UK.html which is the beginning of what could help. Most of us probably already own a charger adapter, I just wonder if "charger adapter" is just another name for PSU and if one can use its one's to power its boards ? Or maybe technology between both is different and it is not a good idea. Lastly, I was advocated to use this PSU 35W dual output 5v 12v to power the clearfog pro (12v) and one 2.5" hard drive. Although this kind of PSU needs to cut wires and assemble them by hand, I think of buying this one : as I can power the clearfog pro (12V / 3A) and at least two 2.5" disks (5V 6A) or one disk and another board dedicated to video/hdmi.
  3. Orange Pi Plus 2E now available

    Is this board still available ? It is mostly sold out in most vendors sites (aliexpress, banggood, ...)
  4. Looking for board for nas

    Do the clearfog base/pro still suffer from emmc issues ?
  5. Looking for board for nas

    Are you saying that buying from China is like trying to win at the lottery ? Some people around I already ordered from aliexpress, as an example, they were not disappointed until now. However, they did not ordered electronic stuff.
  6. Looking for board for nas

    Dit it come with its antennas ? Can this wifi board act as an access point ?
  7. Looking for board for nas

    Right I got your point, if I want to use the clearfog base without hacking too much, I can plug this wifi card on mPCIe (this is the one Igor seems to use in its quick review) and this M.2 toward sata adapter, for this later I have no idea about quality, I do not know if it is good quality, maybe you know better ? As for the PSU, it is currently sold out with the link you gave me, but it is a good solution, I am just not fond of manipulating naked power cable like this ... with a baby girl rummaging around in everywhere Just one question, with the hard drive externally powered like this, will standby command (hdparm -s ) still work ? I do no think this command cut power, I would just like to be sure. Regards
  8. Looking for board for nas

    About power supply, solid-run sells one for clearfog base/pro, it is 12V 1.5A (18W), is it enough if I make use of both slots (M.2 and mPICe) ? even with adding one hdd to the usb3 port ? Also, how can you power 2.5" hard drives independently of the board ? EDIT : for my second question, an usb to sata power cable should do it I guess, like this one :
  9. Looking for board for nas

    Hi, I come back to my original post as I would like to settle a home nas/router. As for home application, I speak about plugging one or two 2.5" hard drives and settling a wifi access point. I have read with interest this post : about the clearfog pro. It has two m-sata slots on which you can plug sata ports and a wifi card. However, I would probably not need all the GbE ports on the clearfog pro. at the moment I just need two of them : one for the wan, another for the lan. The clearfog base seems closer to my need in this respect, but I do not know if I can plug 2.5" hard drives with sata and if you can add wifi, there is a mPCIe slot I do not know if it can be useful, also what is a sfp port for ?
  10. Bananapi pro bricked

    I tried again with a new power supply and a new sd card. Same issue. I cannot access the serial debug output (ttl to usb), so I think I am about to consider the board completely lost.
  11. Bananapi pro bricked

    I fear also this, I wonder if plugging two hard drives (one on sata and one on usb) could have caused a hardware damage, especially at boot time when hard drives ask a lot of power ... that would have overwhelmed the board capacity. Nevetheless I do not want to throw it away before being sure it is not just a sdcard issue.
  12. Bananapi pro bricked

    Thanks for your fas t answeer, That is the next point I want to test, another sd card. But do you mean it can be dead for the board and "alive" for my laptop ? Indeed, I was able to burn a new image on the sdcard with my laptop.
  13. Bananapi pro bricked

    Hello, I run Debian/Jessie on a bananapi pro. The board suddenly stopped working completely. When I plug the power supply, the red led shows up (not blinking) and nothing more, no sign of activity at all, like on screen (hdmi). It is very surprising as it has been running very well for two years now, with a 5V/3A power supply and a sandisk SD card (like those advised). I checked that the sd card runs well on my laptop, the filesystem was not broken and no sign of corruption so far, especially in the /boot directory, no changes made lastly in this directory : latest modification dater are a few months ago. EDIT: I decided to completely reinstall debian/jessie on the sdcard, following the guidelines, checking the image and burning integrity. Same symptoms. I also tried to boot with two other power supplies with only the board, nothing connected on usb or sata ports, no sign of activity at all except the red led. I sometimes had troubles with debian updates, but in this case the hdmi screen is working and I can debug. Also, I looked into the system logs (on the sd card), no sign of dysfunctioning at all, I just now more or less the last time it booted properly. The AC power supply is itself plugged on a lightning protector socket. So I doubt it is the power supply or the sdcard in itself that is causing the issue. The only change I made lastly is to plug a 2.5" hard drive (wd red) on one usb port, in addition to the one plugged on the sata port. Could this be the cause ? Thanks in advance for your help Regards
  14. Looking for board for nas

    Hi, I saw that the armbian support for NanoPi NEO2 is still experimental. But do you think I can already use it for command line and simple tasks through remote ssh access ? Regards
  15. Looking for board for nas

    Hi, Thanks for your answeer. Is the NEO2 supported by armbian ? It has a H5 cpu and I do not see one page for it on the armbian download page. I agree that with such hardware, I will not get better performance than my bananapro. Nevertheless, I am not that hungry with performances. Here is what I would like to do : plug a usb hub on the type A usb receptacle of the NEO /NEO2. Then, plug two or three 2.5" usb disks on the hub. The hub (yepkit/ykush see link in earlier post) is self powered with a 5V/3A power supply and can support three 2.5" disks in the same time. Disks are wd blue, assumed to have low consumption. I tested this yesterday, all disks runs well. This installation is designed to backup the bananapro installation. I just want to pay attention that the usb to sata link is able to pass hdparm commands like hdparm -B, hdparm -y so that I can put disks in standby mode, for as a backup I do not need them to be running all the time. Thanks for your help Regards