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    deb2016 got a reaction from Naguissa in Bananapi pro bricked   
    I tried again with a new power supply and a new sd card. Same issue.
    I cannot access the serial debug output (ttl to usb), so I think I am about to consider the board completely lost.
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    deb2016 got a reaction from Lion Wang in Looking for board for nas   
     Thanks for your answeer.
    Is the NEO2 supported by armbian ? It has a H5 cpu and I do not see one page for it on the armbian download page.
    I agree that with such hardware, I will not get better performance than my bananapro.
    Nevertheless, I am not that hungry with performances.
    Here is what I would like to do : plug a usb hub on the type A usb receptacle of the NEO /NEO2.
    Then, plug two or three 2.5" usb disks on the hub.
    The hub (yepkit/ykush see link in earlier post) is self powered with a 5V/3A power supply and can support three 2.5" disks in the same time. Disks are wd blue, assumed to have low consumption.
    I tested this yesterday, all disks runs well.
    This installation is designed to backup the bananapro installation. I just want to pay attention that the usb to sata link is able to pass hdparm commands like hdparm -B, hdparm -y so that I can put disks
    in standby mode, for as a backup I do not need them to be running all the time.
    Thanks for your help
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    deb2016 got a reaction from Tido in Enabling video acceleration (cedarX)   
    I finally managed to make hardware video acceleration work on latest debian jessie (headless) armbian image.
    In short, steps were :
    0) prepare the bananapro and the jessie image for video.
    1) get a working Xorg saver using fbturbo driver with g2d enabled.
    2) install libvdpau-sunxi from its source and its dependencies, from some repositories.
    3) compile from source the latest mpv.
    Here is what I do :
    An hdmi screen is plugged to the bananapro which is itself connected directly to my laptop.
    The test console is visible on the screen.
    I log into the bananapro from my laptop through ssh. I run startx from there.
    You need to reconfigure x11-common because access to the X11 service is only accessible to console users.
    I then chose to grant access to everyone which is probably not good for security : better ideas are welcome !
    The hdmi screen gets filled by the X11 server with a default application, builtin xterm I guess. Could be something else more useful, I do not know where to configure that.
    Check in the Xorg.0.log that fbturbo works with GED enabled.
    Then, login again through ssh into the bananapi, modify the DISPLAY variable to point to the local display (should be "export DISPLAY=:0"),
    then run "mpv --vo=vdpau --hwdec=vdpau --hwdec-codecs=all big_buck_bunny_1080p_H264_AAC_25fps_7200K.MP4
    (put all these options  in ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf)
    it should run smoothly on the hdmi screen. you can control the video (backward forward pause) from your laptop with the keyboard shortcut.
    when displaying the video : mpv takes 15-20% of the cpu power and X11 about the same. I do not know if this is good or bad ??? if it should be more or less.
    Want to adjust the sound ? Just login again through ssh, do not touch the DISPLAY for that time and launch your sound control application, e.g. pavucontrol for pulseaudio.
    As you did not touch the DISPLAY for that ssh session, the application window will be forwarded to your local laptop screen.
    For the moment, the only issue is that video are displayed a bit too darker  . It is quite visible with the aformentioned test video.
    It is not a screen problem, the problem seems to be in  mpv and/or libvdpau-sunxi although I cannot confirm it, I hope there is an mpv option to fix this (not investigated yet).
    As stated several times in many different places : no need to use the mali sunxi driver. I will try later if it compiles and if it brings something.
    When you start X11, the mouse is screen centered, there are some options in mpv to hide it, you may also use xdotool (on command line) to put it in one corner.
    Hopes this helps. I did not mention all steps in details, feel free to ask and comments are welcome.
    Best regards