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  1. Reboot is necessarily! rc.local applyes parametrs at boot.
  2. Ok guys, I found the answer! 1. DO NOT touch /etc/modules. Leave it like that: #w1-sunxi #w1-gpio #w1-therm #gc2035 #vfe_v4l2 2. rc.local: modprobe gc2035 hres=0 modprobe vfe_v4l2 sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" #DOVDD sunxi-pio -m "PE15<1><0><1><0>" #Power_Down sunxi-pio -m "PE14<1><0><1><1>" #reset And it works! $fswebcam -r 1600x1200 -p YUV420P /home/dimak/qwe.jpg I got image. Thanks for all!!!
  3. Thanks olivluca! But as I understand all service signals ok. Two questions: 1. Can I see camera on a i2c bus when do i2cdetect - y 0/1? 2. What address on twi is right? I have =120 in my script.bin, but tryed to change on = 0x78. Or it is the same? Thanks!
  4. I think it is driver problem, but I can misstake. The thing is, if I turn on lines below in rc.local, when driver starts it's turns off - no power, reset is low. sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" #AVDD,DOVDD,DVDD sunxi-pio -m "PE15<1><0><1><0>" #Power_Down sunxi-pio -m "PE14<1><0><1><1>" #reset Please, can anybody give me some advice to fix it?
  5. Anyone, please, help me to activate camera. It's not power up at all. What address line needs to make HIGH to turn it on?? I was add to rc.local: sunxi-pio -m "PD14<1><default><default><1>" sunxi-pio -m "PE14<1><default><default><1>" sunxi-pio -m "PE15<1><default><default><0>" sunxi-pio -m "PA17<1><default><default><1>" sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" modprobe gc2035 modprobe vfe_v4l2 But still have not /dev/video0, and have: [ 5.358154] [CSI_ERR][GC2035]sensor_read err at sensor_detect! [ 5.358170] [CSI_ERR][GC2035]chip found is not an target chip. Camera connected right. Seller said it works under Armbian 5.20. What is the different in initialization?? Is anyone have script.bin of Armbian 5.20 for OPi One? I can't find old images. The older only 5.25. And who can say what means <drive level> at sunxi-pio command? Is it different voltage levels (1.5,1.8,2.8,3.3)? Thanks!
  6. It's not helped for me. Armbian 5.31 don't want to make camera active. Why you work with PG11 pin? Maybe here is the difference beetween OPi PC and OPi One? It's likely PE11 in OPi One. Anyway, /dev/video0 is not created.
  7. Yes, I saw that topic and touht it forgotten. Ok, continue overthere.
  8. Here is my rc.local addon: sunxi-pio -m 'PE11<1><0><1><1>' sunxi-pio -m 'PE14<1><default><default><1>' sunxi-pio -m 'PE15<1><default><default><0>' sunxi-pio -m 'PA17<1><default><default><1>'
  9. Hi gurus! I'm trying to connect gc2035 camera to my OrangePi One, it's marked as SH-2035 at the cable. It is old problem, as I understand reading forum, but nothing to help me. I'm new Linux user and use Armbian 5.31, Linux orangepione 3.4.113-sun8i #18 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jun 15 02:16:06 CEST 2017 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux. That camera works with Armbian 5.20, but I don't want to do downgrade. As I understand it needs to do right initialisation of camera in script.bin or rc.local, but what exactly?? This is part of configuration in my script.fex file: [csi0] vip_used = 1 vip_mode = 0 vip_dev_qty = 1 vip_define_sensor_list = 0 vip_csi_pck = port:PE00<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_mck = port:PE01<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_hsync = port:PE02<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_vsync = port:PE03<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d0 = port:PE04<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d1 = port:PE05<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d2 = port:PE06<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d3 = port:PE07<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d4 = port:PE08<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d5 = port:PE09<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d6 = port:PE10<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_d7 = port:PE11<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_sck = port:PE12<2><default><default><default> vip_csi_sda = port:PE13<2><default><default><default> vip_dev0_mname = "gc2035" vip_dev0_pos = "front" vip_dev0_lane = 1 vip_dev0_twi_id = 2 vip_dev0_twi_addr = 120 vip_dev0_isp_used = 0 vip_dev0_fmt = 0 vip_dev0_stby_mode = 0 vip_dev0_vflip = 1 vip_dev0_hflip = 1 vip_dev0_iovdd = "" vip_dev0_iovdd_vol = 2800000 vip_dev0_avdd = "" vip_dev0_avdd_vol = 2800000 vip_dev0_dvdd = "" vip_dev0_dvdd_vol = 1800000 vip_dev0_afvdd = "" vip_dev0_afvdd_vol = 2800000 vip_dev0_power_en = port:PA17<1><default><default><1> vip_dev0_reset = port:PE14<1><default><default><1> vip_dev0_pwdn = port:PE15<1><default><default><0> vip_dev0_flash_en = vip_dev0_flash_mode = vip_dev0_af_pwdn = vip_dev0_act_used = 0 vip_dev0_act_name = "ad5820_act" vip_dev0_act_slave = 24 Tell me please, what is wrong here? What I need to change with port configuration to make camera active? Thanks a lot!