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    Dimak got a reaction from Dmitriy Voitenko in Armbian 5.25 on OrangePI PC: The gc2035 video camera doesn't work   
    Ok guys, I found the answer!
    1. DO NOT touch /etc/modules. Leave it like that:
    2.  rc.local:
    modprobe gc2035 hres=0
    modprobe vfe_v4l2
    sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" #DOVDD
    sunxi-pio -m "PE15<1><0><1><0>" #Power_Down
    sunxi-pio -m "PE14<1><0><1><1>" #reset
    And it works!
    $fswebcam -r 1600x1200 -p YUV420P /home/dimak/qwe.jpg
    I got image.
    Thanks for all!!!