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  1. Odroid C2 req

    Can you fix build/patch/kernel/odroidc2-dev/packaging-4.x-DEV-with-postinstall-scripts.patch so we have working image with mainline kernel now it is missing symlink to zImage ln -sf $(basename $installed_image_path) /boot/zImage > /dev/null 2>&1 || mv /$installed_image_path /boot/zImage rm -f /boot/System.map* /boot/config* /boot/vmlinuz* /boot/zImage /boot/uImage And plz add https://github.com/BayLibre/libretech-image-builder/blob/libretech-cc-xenial-4.14-mali-x11/patches/0001-meson_drm_disable_ARGB8888.patch https://raw.githubusercontent.com/superna9999/LibreELEC.tv/Amlogic_GX/projects/Amlogic_GX/patches/linux/0037-drm-meson-fix-vsync-buffer-update.patch to build/patch/kernel/odroidc2-next thx
  2. Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    I did some test and debootstrap don't work some problem with ubuntu glibc on ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04
  3. Are there any chance to build testing image for Ubuntu 18.04 ?
  4. weston and gnome3 works with mali wayland drivers

    I patched gnome3 mutter base on this https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=96&t=26172#p181744 and now also gnome 3.22 on wayland rebuild latest gnome 3.26 will be really hard so any plan to add Ubuntu 17.10 support to armbian? Or maybe basic support for Ubuntu 18.04
  5. I want tou share with you my experience with weston with mali wayland drivers https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=28426&start=50#p213474 Wish list: Can you guys add /lib/udev/rules.d/99-mali.rules KERNEL=="mali",SUBSYSTEM=="misc",MODE=="0777" to for all board with mali GPU And also set up directory and library cache for mali userspace drivers so all application will use mali version istead of mesa We still have problem with v-sync with amlogic DRM driver
  6. v-sync is it working or not?

    I made this example so anybody can try https://github.com/xlazom00/docs/blob/master/drm-howto/modeset-vsync.c You will need to disable your window manager https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/264393/how-to-disable-x-server-autostart-in-debian-jessie
  7. v-sync is it working or not?

    v-sync is it working or not? I just start up debian xenial x.org with meson drm driver, but it looks like v-sync don't work. Should I change something in x config ? amlogic drivers has always problem problem with v-sync only video decoder pipeline( amlogic magic idea how to do video decoding) is sync-ed properly I opened terminal and I moved it down and can see window from prev. frame so v-sync don't work
  8. NanoPi K2 [WIP] General Topics

    this is list of patch set that I use on odroid c2 desktop is working, hdmi too, ethernet too, mali driver loaded fine I didn't check audio 0001-ARM64-dts-meson-gxm-Add-support-for-Khadas-VIM2.patch 0002-ARM64-dts-meson-gxbb-allow-child-devices-on-the-USB-.patch 0003-ARM64-dts-meson-gxbb-odroidc2-take-USB-hub-out-of-re.patch 0004-phy-meson-add-USB3-PHY-support-for-Meson-GXL.patch 0005-usb-host-add-a-generic-platform-USB-roothub-driver.patch 0006-usb-host-xhci-plat-integrate-the-platform-roothub.patch 0007-ARM64-dts-meson-gxl-add-USB-host-support.patch 0008-ARM64-dts-meson-gxm-add-GXM-specific-USB-host-config.patch 0009-ARM64-dts-meson-gx-Enable-USB-on-GXL-and-GXM-boards.patch 0014-clk-meson-gxbb-Add-VPU-and-VAPB-clockids.patch 0015-clk-meson-gxbb-Add-VPU-and-VAPB-clocks-data.patch 0016-drm-meson-dw_hdmi-Add-support-for-an-optional-extern.patch 0017-drm-meson-Add-missing-VPU-init.patch 0018-reset-meson-add-level-reset-support-for-GX-SoC-famil.patch 0019-soc-amlogic-add-Meson-GX-VPU-Domains-driver.patch 0020-soc-amlogic-meson-gx-pwrc-vpu-fix-power-off-when-pow.patch 0021-ASoC-meson-add-meson-audio-core-driver.patch 0022-ASoC-meson-add-register-definitions.patch 0023-ASoC-meson-add-aiu-i2s-dma-support.patch 0024-ASoC-meson-add-initial-i2s-dai-support.patch 0025-snd-meson-activate-HDMI-audio-path.patch 0026-drm-meson-select-dw-hdmi-i2s-audio-for-meson-hdmi.patch 0028-ARM64-dts-meson-gx-add-audio-controller-nodes.patch 0029-ARM64-dts-meson-gxl-add-sound-dai-cells-to-HDMI-node.patch 0031-ARM64-dts-meson-gxl-Take-eMMC-data-strobe-out-of-eMM.patch 0032-ARM64-dts-meson-gx-add-VPU-power-domain.patch 0033-ARM64-dts-meson-gx-Add-HDMI_5V-regulator-on-selected.patch 0034-ARM64-dts-meson-gx-grow-reset-controller-memory-zone.patch 0035-ARM64-dts-odroid-c2-Add-HDMI-and-CEC-Nodes.patch 0036-ARM64-dts-meson-activate-hdmi-audio-HDMI-enabled-boa.patch 1010_GXBB_NanoPi_K2_DTS_HDMI.patch 1020_GXBB_memory_allocation_meson_GX.patch 1030_GXBB_NanoPi_K2_DTS_HDMI_sound.patch 90-01-add_8812au_8821au_with_monitor_mode_and_frame_injection.patch 90-01-add_8812au_8821au_with_monitor_mode_and_frame_injection_update.patch 90-02-add_8814au_with_monitor_mode_and_frame_injection.patch 90-02-add_8814au_with_monitor_mode_and_frame_injection_update.patch arm64_increasing_DMA_block_memory_allocation_to_2048.patch arm64-set-default-target-to-Image.patch aufs.4.14.patch1 bash_to_afterinstall.patch odroidc2-enable-scpi-dvfs.patch packaging-4.x-NEXT-with-postinstall-scripts.patch patch-4.13.10-rt3.patch.disabled
  9. NanoPi K2 [WIP] General Topics

    I removed all patch from odroidc2-next and added patch set from meson64-next And /dev/dri is there but [ 0.240500] meson_gx_pwrc_vpu c8100000.sys-ctrl:power-controller-vpu: failed to get reset line it looks like some invalid data in dtsi pwrc_vpu resets
  10. NanoPi K2 [WIP] General Topics

    I checked it now and it looks like whole VPU init part is missing 0014-clk-meson-gxbb-Add-VPU-and-VAPB-clockids.patch 0015-clk-meson-gxbb-Add-VPU-and-VAPB-clocks-data.patch 0016-drm-meson-dw_hdmi-Add-support-for-an-optional-extern.patch 0017-drm-meson-Add-missing-VPU-init.patch I will rebuild image with this 4
  11. NanoPi K2 [WIP] General Topics

    So Do you have any idea why odroid c2 don't have working drm driver ( I don't see /dev/dri )
  12. Le Potato general topics

    @TonyMac32btw do you have working drm drivers( I don't have /dev/dri )? I can't make it to work on Odroid C2. Random mac adress fix will be fine too @Neil Armstrong fixed mali drivers on 4.14 kernel. So I hope We will have working wayland
  13. odroid c2 on armbian next VPU don't work

    any idea how to make drm driver to work on odroid c2 next ?? Module Size Used by mali 618496 0 cpufreq_userspace 16384 0 cpufreq_powersave 16384 0 cpufreq_conservative 16384 0 meson_dw_hdmi 20480 0 crc32_ce 16384 0 meson_drm 40960 1 meson_dw_hdmi dw_hdmi 28672 1 meson_dw_hdmi drm_kms_helper 151552 3 meson_dw_hdmi,meson_drm,dw_hdmi snd_soc_meson_aiu_spdif_dma 16384 0 snd_soc_meson_aiu_i2s_dma 16384 0 snd_soc_meson_spdif_dai 16384 0 ao_cec 16384 0 snd_soc_meson_i2s_dai 16384 0 snd_soc_meson_audio_core 16384 0 ir_lirc_codec 16384 0 drm 348160 4 meson_dw_hdmi,meson_drm,dw_hdmi,drm_kms_helper meson_rng 16384 0 lirc_dev 16384 1 ir_lirc_codec meson_ir 16384 0 rc_core 32768 4 ir_lirc_codec,meson_ir,lirc_dev cec 45056 2 ao_cec,dw_hdmi nvmem_meson_efuse 16384 0 rng_core 16384 1 meson_rng meson_gxbb_wdt 16384 0 meson_saradc 24576 0 ip_tables 28672 0 x_tables 32768 1 ip_tables btrfs 991232 0 xor 20480 1 btrfs zstd_compress 163840 1 btrfs zlib_deflate 28672 1 btrfs raid6_pq 102400 1 btrfs dwmac_generic 16384 0 realtek 16384 1 dwmac_meson8b 16384 0 stmmac_platform 20480 2 dwmac_generic,dwmac_meson8b stmmac 106496 3 stmmac_platform,dwmac_generic,dwmac_meson8b
  14. odroid c2 on armbian next VPU don't work

    Linux odroidc2 4.14.3-odroidc2 #6 SMP Sun Dec 3 11:33:47 PST 2017 aarch64 GNU/Linux http://sprunge.us/BVce amd VPU is amlogic drm driver I think
  15. [ 0.206220] soc soc0: Amlogic Meson GXBB (S905) Revision 1f:0 (b:1) Detected [ 0.206304] of_clk_hw_onecell_get: invalid index 126 [ 0.206308] clk: couldn't get assigned clock 0 for /soc/aobus@c8100000/sys-ctrl@0/power-controller-vpu [ 0.206319] meson_gx_pwrc_vpu: probe of c8100000.sys-ctrl:power-controller-vpu failed with error -22 [ 0.279579] dwc2 c9000000.usb: c9000000.usb supply vusb_d not found, using dummy regulator [ 0.279624] dwc2 c9000000.usb: c9000000.usb supply vusb_a not found, using dummy regulator [ 0.280758] phy phy-c0000000.phy.0: USB ID detect failed! [ 0.280764] phy phy-c0000000.phy.0: phy poweron failed --> -22 [ 0.280931] dwc2: probe of c9000000.usb failed with error -22 [ 0.281192] dwc2 c9100000.usb: c9100000.usb supply vusb_d not found, using dummy regulator [ 0.281215] dwc2 c9100000.usb: c9100000.usb supply vusb_a not found, using dummy regulator