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  1. m][sko

    mali drivers don't work with 4.20 kernel

    this fix my problem https://github.com/mripard/sunxi-mali/blob/master/patches/0018-mali-support-building-against-4.20.patch
  2. I use mali kernel drivers from Neil https://github.com/superna9999/meson_gx_mali_450/tree/DX910-SW-99002-r9p0-01rel0_meson_gx All works just fine with 4.19 but it don't work with 4.20 it looks like there is some problem with memory allocation in this https://github.com/superna9999/meson_gx_mali_450/commit/2c9bd8ae57c0648045f7eaa48c120ec78db85d10#diff-2c0ef6f7db02daf8ed563376e846b873R312 Any idea?
  3. Anybody know about command line solution how to change drm kms resolution ??? there is still posibility to us fb api I know (fbset) but are there any drm kms apps ?
  4. I don't know when exactly but since 21.08.2018 I can't build dev kernel anymore I am building armbian (on ubuntu 18.04) like this sudo BETA=yes EXPERT=yes ./compile.sh but there isn't dev kernel options in menu anymore
  5. m][sko

    odroid-c2 on dev

    I made PR https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/971 thx
  6. m][sko

    odroid-c2 on dev

    Hello I created this topic as I wrote issue on github https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/960 and it looks like forum is better place I want to fix odroid c2 dev So when I use general-packaging-4.17-dev.patch(from sunxi-dev) and when I fix zImage to vmlinux-4.17.0-rc3-odroidc2 symlink all works fine But I don't understand this in general-packaging-4.17-dev.patch Anybody can explain why zImage one time and Image other ? current odroid uboot script load/expect zImage case $ARCH in +aarch64|arm64) + image_name=Image +arm*) + image_name=zImage
  7. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    @Igor I don't have any problem on fresh install from ubuntu-16.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso So I can't reproduce your problem
  8. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    @Igor BETA="yes" EXPERT="yes" ./compile.sh it looks like qemu from bionic solved the problem I was able to build ubuntu 18.04 server/console image for Odroid C2 I don't know where is problem but with network configuration but my image don't start with working eth0 adapter IPv6 works fine byt IPv4 don't Do you have same problem with your image ? echo "allow-hotplug eth0" >> /etc/network/interfaces echo "iface eth0 inet dhcp" >> /etc/network/interfaces fixed problem looks like some problem with NetworkManager
  9. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    @Igor just workaround idea: variable that will disable update packages stage what about missing package rcconf(in ubuntu 18.04) as armbian-conf depend on that now it end with armbian-conf install I workaround that with removing armbian and rcconf from install package list I added PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL="${PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL/armbian-firmware/}" PACKAGE_LIST="${PACKAGE_LIST/rcconf/}" to bionic switch as temporary solution
  10. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    @Igor I am not sure if ubuntu plan to support 32bit version of ubuntu 18.04 My test case is to build Odroid C2 next with ubuntu 18.04 image I did try to build it on 16.04 but it freeze when armbian what to update packages in image to latest version Building database of manual pages ... qemu: Unsupported syscall: 277 man 87078 87074 0 00:57 pts/22 00:00:00 [mandb] <defunct> all same with debootstrap_1.0.95 I use windows as host with ubuntu 16.04 as guest All works on ubuntu 18.04 as guest OS Maybe all woks fine without virtualisation
  11. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    just idea what if we enable support for ubuntu 18.04 only on ubuntu 18.04 ?
  12. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    It looks like they fixed the bug. As I was able to build the image and all work fine except It only work on ubuntu 18.04 so run NO_HOST_RELEASE_CHECK=yes ./compile.sh It freeze on ubuntu 16.04 in regenerating man pages I am looking that all work is done in development branch and I want to make pull request some changes with ubuntu 18.04 ntpdate is not instaled by default and they changed ntp daemon so ntpdate return error missing package rcconf but armbian-conf depend on that so temporary workaround just add PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL="${PACKAGE_LIST_ADDITIONAL/armbian-firmware/}" PACKAGE_LIST="${PACKAGE_LIST/rcconf/}"
  13. m][sko

    Odroid C2 req

    Can you fix build/patch/kernel/odroidc2-dev/packaging-4.x-DEV-with-postinstall-scripts.patch so we have working image with mainline kernel now it is missing symlink to zImage ln -sf $(basename $installed_image_path) /boot/zImage > /dev/null 2>&1 || mv /$installed_image_path /boot/zImage rm -f /boot/System.map* /boot/config* /boot/vmlinuz* /boot/zImage /boot/uImage And plz add https://github.com/BayLibre/libretech-image-builder/blob/libretech-cc-xenial-4.14-mali-x11/patches/0001-meson_drm_disable_ARGB8888.patch https://raw.githubusercontent.com/superna9999/LibreELEC.tv/Amlogic_GX/projects/Amlogic_GX/patches/linux/0037-drm-meson-fix-vsync-buffer-update.patch to build/patch/kernel/odroidc2-next thx
  14. m][sko

    Preparing for Ubuntu 18.04

    I did some test and debootstrap don't work some problem with ubuntu glibc on ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04
  15. Are there any chance to build testing image for Ubuntu 18.04 ?