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  1. Doubt, set themselves from CrazyCat - if will not find - write, I have written down somewhere the reference - search for laziness ..... here is the instruction taken from here ([]=tbs#disable_auto_update_in_ubuntu_1604) should work on boxes as well
  2. files *.dtb after copying to the root of the disk you need to rename to dtb.img if the download does not finish within 5-6 minutes, try another dtb file. PS the first time it is advisable to try to the dtb file at the root was not.
  3. talraash you beat me to it dsh - higher (think 7-9 messages) Balbes I answered this question yet in the current it releases hardware decoding is not implemented,it is still testing.
  4. hmmm this is strange, then wait for response Balbes150 - it is a lot of work spent to work that is hardware decoding. just in case, please specify which you have the box? processor? this information is primarily needed by Balbes150 and other gurus to help you faster.
  5. I could be wrong, as I don't have that image, but I know the principle of work and we Balbes150 these questions on another forum were discussing. But You don't have to do anything. And to check where decoding is carried out-start the terminal and type the command "top" (without quotes) and enter in it. you will be shown the CPU load. after that, run any video on your desktop. download processare significantly must not be changed. PS I apologize for the mistakes, I write through a translator.
  6. O-Ho-Ho read all the instructions I gave you, and the link to it is in the first message - there is nothing complicated. 1. first, write the image to a USB or SD card 2. in Android, run the script you specified 3. launch ARMBIAN from your device I'm sorry, I don't see the point in rewriting the entire manual. because there are some features. which there is described
  7. This is good that the project is moving forward:) although I probably since March (as you did a test image with 4k more and not updated-no time )
  8. DSH, Armbian images are not intended to be downloaded via USB BT. View the installation order in the previous sections (e.g. here Balobes150 Did I understand you correctly that I found a way to put kernels above 3.14 in NAND? PS and that with hardware decoding, and the everywhere silence
  9. balbes - I already wrote that I need a maintenance-free system (with remote access). I'm just tormenting myself in trying to use hw. Maybe you can tell me in which direction to do the tests for me and where can I read the information on this topic? I'm sure that if I manage to solve my question, it will be useful to others. The shortest way, I understand it will be to understand the source code of KODI and understand their implementation of using GPU without x11, but so far I have not even managed to run KODI without x11
  10. ... insmod 8189es.ko (and 8189fs.ko) in the corresponding folders gives "ERROR: could not insert module: Unknow symbol in module" the result is the same - for all the above commands wlan0 does not appear .... there is no longer a desire to understand - I do not really need it - there is a usb-dongle
  11. I'm probably just stupid. tried sudo modprobe dhd in response received: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'dhd': Operation not permitted and after its launch in lsmod "cfg80211 402688 0" since I do not know how to unload it - it rebooted. sudo modprobe wifi_dummy does not give anything to the console, but lsmod "wifi_dummy 814 0" appears ..... and what's next? nowhere wlan0 does not appear: (or am I doing something wrong or unfinished?
  12. it all depends on your tasks and the use of boxing. if as a player - I'm sure that your current one, if configured properly - can even cope even on the S905W processor once you've already bought it (I would not buy it :)), judging by the reviews even about the 912 series - I so understand without a special you do not need to buy it - I doubt that you'll use its 8 cores completely. Ask those who actually used them and S905W (or at least X) and at the same time worked with the 912 series. In any case, it seems to me that this issue does not belong to the current topic of discussion.
  13. ... I'm confused - do you have a processor right now? S905W? PS In general, we seem to off topic: ( probably in another topic you need to ask a question!
  14. S905W is a stripped-down version of the S905X processor - do you know this? Maybe you should buy S905X? processor fresh (in August only came out) I do not think that the price difference will be significant with the S905X This is my personal opinion - I do not insist on it. Only I warn you!
  15. its a usb-dongle lsmod Module Size Used by zram 8689 4 rt2800usb 20752 0 rt2800lib 71326 1 rt2800usb rt2x00usb 9045 1 rt2800usb rt2x00lib 37351 3 rt2x00usb,rt2800lib,rt2800usb mac80211 459606 3 rt2x00lib,rt2x00usb,rt2800lib cfg80211 402688 2 mac80211,rt2x00lib mali 195053 0 aml_nftl_dev 82724 0 this is without dongle (only system + USB-flash) root@amlogic:~# lsmod Module Size Used by
  16. eng If you connect usb-dongle, it appears in lsusb, iwconfig, and you can configure it in nmtui. But RTL8189 - I do not see anywhere
  17. iwconfig - on all interfaces there is no it - how else to look? how to set the tag "hiden content"?
  18. Balbes150, Rus Eng as I wrote above - I do not really need WiFi, but it's the principle After installation (by the way on LE, AE, OE is the same) does not see my WiFi (RTL8189 is written on the board but none of them is data) I tried absolutely all your dtb files - my box (T95X 1/8 Gb) was launched only on three of them for 1g (p212, p231 and q201) also copied these files from the firmware for with Android - they also start up, but for neither of these files I can not detect wifi or maybe I'm looking wrong or something need to do an extra? in the kernel there
  19. Balbes150 once again apologizing - the image works and thank you so much for the work done. The remaining 2 flash drives are excellent. And maybe that ill-fated flash drive was on 2Gb and just did not have enough space to save the changes? The question is almost not interesting to me, but still we will ask it. I have WiFi RTL8189 on my board (I do not know the letters) Ubuntu does not see it in any way, I assume that it's all about dtb.img - in what file can it be defined? the only one with which I have so far launched the system is gxl_p212_1g.dtb. tried so far only gxl_p212_2g.dtb - with
  20. Dear Balbes150 - I bring you my apologies, but you are not entirely right I found the cause of the errors. doing experiments and reading the documentation, I met messages that not all flash drives work. I have 4 flash drives (2 of them with indicators), I wrote down your image for all 4 and experimented. the first one on Transcent 32 Gb USB 3.0 - did not immediately work, at first I thought that I did not see what was happening on the screen, but yesterday it did not work at home, I thought that it's USB 3.0 and for this reason it can it's wrong to somehow perceive the box, I just pos
  21. I found the cause of the error the first time I ran. filling and adding a new user - results in an error on my t95x 1/8 Gb (I do not know why - it can only be me). For this reason, after changing the root password, press CTRL + C. If this is done from the box and the keyboard connected to it, then everything is fine, after pressing CTRL + C it is necessary to restart the box (enter "reboot"). And if, after the first start, connect via ssh and repeat all of the above, then pressing CTRL + C (at least in Windows PuTTY) causes the console window to close. Previously, I assumed that the session
  22. editing the file gives the output of the image after the start: it is necessary to add a variable "mode" equal to "576cvbs" and in the section "case" add lines with the settings for cvbs for example: 576*) fbset -fb /dev/fb0 -g 720 576 720 576 $bpp fbset -fb /dev/fb1 -g 32 32 32 32 32 echo $mode > /sys/class/display/mode echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/free_scale echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/freescale_mode echo 0 0 719 575 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/free_scale_axis echo 0 0 719 575 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/window_axis echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb1/fr
  23. I already understood this, but it's unclear how to enable CVBS before the start, as far as I understand it's done just in the file aml_autoscript or somewhere else. After all, before the start of downloading anything, it works with HDMI and CVBS !!! A further start disables CVBS. Where and what it turns off me is not yet clear. Also, no one explains how to turn it on during the installation, before initializing the installed OS. I yesterday successfully launched your image and on the installed system switched to CVBS before rebooting (it is clear that having the installed system it is not
  24. as I understand it, it is possible to use the cvbs output of the aml_autoscript but nowhere could not find the description of commands. Attempts to enable it in the file so far no to no avail - I actually blindly do everything. I have no way to control something.
  25. ???? a password of 12 characters including numbers, letters, @ and # is considered invalid????