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  1. Ok thanks. So I have a problem, to switch from an OS to another I have to unplug the supply power and remove and external media. When I turn off the system (without unplug) I can't power on again with the remote control. I tried to rename "remote.conf" but remote control doesn't work (only with Android it works). So every time I need to power on I need to plug the power supply and insert external media of a determinate system that I want to use. So... 1) there is a way to switch directly from a OS to another? 2) How can I add remote control? (I tried the method on first post but doesn't work for me.)
  2. Got it, thanks. And if I install Libreelec on eMMc can I switch from Libreelec to Armbian (installed on sd card) or viceversa directly from the OS (using a terminal for example)? Or I need power off the system and remove the sd card to load Libreelec/add sd card to load Armbian? (Sorry for my misunderstanding, I'm little confused)
  3. Can I use USB drive (with LibreELEC) and SD Card (with Amrbian) alternately without installing LibreELEC on eMMC (and then without losing android?, i use dtb file "gxbb_p200_1G_1Gigabit") EDIT: I've installed libreelec on usb drive and now I have armbian on sd card and libreelec on usb drive, how can I switch from Armbian to Libreelec (for example) directly without remove pendrive or sdcard? it is possible from terminal (of armbian)?
  4. Ok, I will instal Libreelec instead of using Kodi, but I won't install to eMMc because I'm not expert so I could brick the TV box. Can I install Libreleec to SD card and also approach with Ubuntu MATE? Or can I have only one OS at time? https://www.amazon.it/VicTsing-Quad-core-Bluetooth-Precaricato-Intrattenimento/dp/B01AMYSGHM/ (I have this TV box, MODEL: VITV-2, Android on this TV box is very slow, so I can't use it, Armbian and Kodi as so much faster than the original system, you would reccomend to install anyway to eMMc Libreleec and Armbian? I'm worried if I could cause a brick if I install these system on the eMMc, I had only 8gb sd scard, so If I do a backup I haven't so much space)
  5. Got it, I have one last thing do to, actually, I need use Kodi because I want use Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, NetflixXMBC etc. But when I try to configure an add-on (installed by zip file), Kodi says "No PVR add-on installed, you need a tuner blackend software". I tried enable PVR on Live TV, in setting (they had already enabled), but if I go in TV add-on there isn't anything, how can I add PVR clients? I searched on internet but I haven't find solutions, can you help me? EDIT: another problem, when I try to plug an External USB device, in my case is an Usb pendrive, Kodi doens't see it. When I use Kodi from Ubuntu Mate works, but if I try to plug when I'm in Kodi Rom doesn't show it
  6. Thanks a lot, now it's all complete. Another question, my Tv Box has 1gb of ram and when I play a video on youtube with ubuntu mate on Chromium lags enough when I put the resolution on 720p or when I put it in fullscreen, the CPU usage reaches 80/90%, I tried all the dtb files. It is normal or am I doing something wrong? How can I increase performance in general?
  7. I'm trying to add wifi, but I can't, I'm so stupid on these things, I opened MATE terminal on my s905 with gxbb_p201.dbt file but when I try to insert "modprobe wifi_dummy" or "modprobe dhd" it doesn't work. Terminal says: "could not insert 'wifi_dummy': operation not permitted". I don't understand very well English but I don't thing that the metod was wrong.
  8. Thank you! Sorry, I don't understand very well English, so I missed that part of the post, thank you! And nice work
  9. Hello! I've got a problem, I've installed Ubuntu Mate on my s905, but after the login, it brings me to Kodi, how can I use Ubuntu Desktop?
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