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  1. @Khadas Interesting, so mine shows 1.8 gigs of RAM on android but on Linux, it's 800 MBs. So I am guessing they tampered with something on the android side to show fake RAM.
  2. @Khadas is your box showing RAM as 800MB only, while in Linux?
  3. Hi @Khadas, it seems the firmware you are looking for is here
  4. Hi, I got the same box. I ordered it thinking it was Tanix TX3 Mini with S905W Chip but upon countless tries with all of the s905w dtb, the one with the s905l2 succeeded booting. Also, further looking into the box, I found a dtb files inside the /dev folder on the android. I tried running binwalk on it and it shows it as a fdt file. I tried fdtdump -s and got some readable output. Maybe this will help others to figure out more about this box. s905l2.dtb
  5. Btw , can you show me your BOOT disk files , if you have them? I was not able to boot the latest image, also which u-boot file did you use?
  6. Thanks. But the newer version of the images don't follow same instructions and u-boot.ext was not working for me. So I started looking for the older image files That worked perfectly for me. I have installed it in eMMC and working great. Currently using it as a headless server for my home network with Adguard and samba server with External HDD. USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet are working great.
  7. Also what configuration files you used? Can you tell me all of the steps you did?
  8. Hello , how did you manage to boot it? Which method did you use? I tried both the tooth pick and the direct update to install from settings method, and both didn't work/
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