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  1. Hi everybody, I asked to forum in the past about game library for C but it is very hard to develop our software in C. As I told in the past, I don't develop a game, I using it to draw some graphs in 2d or 3d. I am here again to ask that, Is OPI Zero can run a game software from Monogame framework. We can port our windows C# software which is written with XNA framework to Linux enviorment with MonoGame. Thanks
  2. I am waiting your test. Thanks I checked the uboot silent on google and only found that I need to declate "silent 1" but could not find where to decleare it. Thanks
  3. I am sorry but there is still message of U-boot at start up. I applied the patch successfully. I copied the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin to mmcblk0 successfully. Nothing changed. Thanks
  4. I could not disable it. I added the this #define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS \ "silent=1\0" to u-boot include/configs/sunxi-common.h with a patch file but nothing changed. Where should declare it? İn boot.cmd?
  5. Where do I need to decleare the value “silent”?
  6. I made it and there is still u-boot messages on UART0 console. see the below picture. ( copy the file in ubuntu compile enviorement and on orangepi zero. I also tested the these commands ; CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE_UPDATE_ON_SET=y and CONFIG_SYS_DEVICE_NULL=y (I found them on another forum about u-boot silent "Stackexchange") and I also test them. But there is still messages on UART Console. Thanks
  7. It is second one. I mean I get full image output. Am I going to change the file manually? Where is the file output and in img file? Thanks
  8. I run Ubuntu 16.04 on virtual machine. I just clone the armbian/build and it downloaded everything and compiled. How can I check that newly compiled u-boot? thanks
  9. Yes, I checked the file, there is two file. One is ending with .config and other end with config.orig I checked them one of them is original file and other is in use. Patch applied to it. I can see there is CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE. It is at the end of file.
  10. I compiled the armbian-debian-jessie with this patch. I found the error on patch. It just because of space character in front of the CONFIG_'s part. I fixed it and compiled but I couldn't disable u-boot messages. there is still u-boot messages. Thanks
  11. When I try as you wrote, it gives me error. Here is the log file for the error. I couldn't understand why it is giving error. Thanks patching.log disable.patch
  12. I tried the compile one more time and it compiled the armbian-debian-jessie 8 and I got the image file load it to sd card. I booted it up and check it on serial port. There is still u-boot messages. What can I do? I added the log file and patch file. disable.patch patching.log here is the serial output screenshot.
  13. I added a patch file to /build/userpatches/u-boot/u-boot-sunxi/disable.patch But when I try to compile it gives me error as failed what should I do? Thanks for helps
  14. martinayotte, I am not very familiar with linux enviroment. I always worked in C for embedded processors. but now I need to use orange pi zero and could you please help me to make patch to update file. I will try to create a patch file and put it to patch directory. when I compile the armbian. Is it apply patches to it or not? Thanks
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