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  1. Hi everybody, I asked to forum in the past about game library for C but it is very hard to develop our software in C. As I told in the past, I don't develop a game, I using it to draw some graphs in 2d or 3d. I am here again to ask that, Is OPI Zero can run a game software from Monogame framework. We can port our windows C# software which is written with XNA framework to Linux enviorment with MonoGame. Thanks
  2. I am waiting your test. Thanks I checked the uboot silent on google and only found that I need to declate "silent 1" but could not find where to decleare it. Thanks
  3. I am sorry but there is still message of U-boot at start up. I applied the patch successfully. I copied the u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin to mmcblk0 successfully. Nothing changed. Thanks
  4. I could not disable it. I added the this #define CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS \ "silent=1\0" to u-boot include/configs/sunxi-common.h with a patch file but nothing changed. Where should declare it? İn boot.cmd?
  5. Where do I need to decleare the value “silent”?
  6. I made it and there is still u-boot messages on UART0 console. see the below picture. ( copy the file in ubuntu compile enviorement and on orangepi zero. I also tested the these commands ; CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE_UPDATE_ON_SET=y and CONFIG_SYS_DEVICE_NULL=y (I found them on another forum about u-boot silent "Stackexchange") and I also test them. But there is still messages on UART Console. Thanks
  7. Am I going to do it on Ubuntu or Armbian?
  8. It is second one. I mean I get full image output. Am I going to change the file manually? Where is the file output and in img file? Thanks
  9. I run Ubuntu 16.04 on virtual machine. I just clone the armbian/build and it downloaded everything and compiled. How can I check that newly compiled u-boot? thanks
  10. Yes, I checked the file, there is two file. One is ending with .config and other end with config.orig I checked them one of them is original file and other is in use. Patch applied to it. I can see there is CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE. It is at the end of file.
  11. I compiled the armbian-debian-jessie with this patch. I found the error on patch. It just because of space character in front of the CONFIG_'s part. I fixed it and compiled but I couldn't disable u-boot messages. there is still u-boot messages. Thanks
  12. When I try as you wrote, it gives me error. Here is the log file for the error. I couldn't understand why it is giving error. Thanks patching.log disable.patch
  13. I tried the compile one more time and it compiled the armbian-debian-jessie 8 and I got the image file load it to sd card. I booted it up and check it on serial port. There is still u-boot messages. What can I do? I added the log file and patch file. disable.patch patching.log here is the serial output screenshot.
  14. I added a patch file to /build/userpatches/u-boot/u-boot-sunxi/disable.patch But when I try to compile it gives me error as failed what should I do? Thanks for helps
  15. martinayotte, I am not very familiar with linux enviroment. I always worked in C for embedded processors. but now I need to use orange pi zero and could you please help me to make patch to update file. I will try to create a patch file and put it to patch directory. when I compile the armbian. Is it apply patches to it or not? Thanks
  16. Am I gonna add it to this file build/config/kernel/linux-sun8i-dev.config or build/config/kernel/linux-sun8i-default.config Because these file header says "DO NOT EDIT ." Could you please help me little bit more where should I enter it. I installed ubuntu 16.04 to my desktop and clone the armbian git repository. If you give me the folder direction I can just add it and re-compile it and than test it. Thanks
  17. I added some patch to file /build/patch/u-boot/u-boot-sunxi/mine.patch and compiled the debian jessie and load image to SD card. but it is not disable the u-boot messages on serial. I added these to patch file diff --git a/include/configs/sunxi-common.h b/include/configs/sunxi-common.h --- a/include/configs/sunxi-common.h +++ b/include/configs/sunxi-common.h @@ -487,8 +487,8 @@ extern int soft_i2c_gpio_scl; #ifdef CONFIG_VIDEO #define CONSOLE_STDOUT_SETTINGS \ - "stdout=serial,vga\0" \ - "stderr=serial,vga\0" + "stdout=\0" \ + "stderr=\0" #else #define CONSOLE_STDOUT_SETTINGS \ "stdout=\0" \ #define CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE=y \ I also changed the /boot/boot.cmd from this if test "${console}" = "display" || test "${console}" = "both"; then setenv consoleargs "console=tty1"; fi if test "${console}" = "serial" || test "${console}" = "both"; then setenv consoleargs "${consoleargs} console=ttyS0, 115200"; fi to this if test "${console}" = "display" || test "${console}" = "both"; then setenv consoleargs "console=tty1"; fi if test "${console}" = "serial" || test "${console}" = "both"; then setenv consoleargs "${consoleargs} console=tty1"; fi But I am still getting u-boot messages on serial output. What should I do? Thanks
  18. Hi martinayotte, I am new to linux enviromemt. How can I re-compile u-boot with CONFIG_SILENT_CONSOLE=y? Thanks
  19. I tried to disable from boot/boot.cmd file in orange pi zero if test "${console}"= "serial" || test "${console}" ="both"; then setenv consoleargs "${consoleargs} console=ttyS0,115200"; fi I changed this line to this; if test "${console}"= "serial" || test "${console}" ="both"; then setenv consoleargs "${consoleargs} console=ttyS2"; fi There is still get u-boot messages from serial port. I will need to use 3 UART for my application and there is only 2 I can use right now. How can I disable this u-boot messages? Thanks
  20. Hi everybody, I have orange pi zero h2+ 512mb ram and I need to use 3 uart to run my c code. I can use UART1 on pin 8-10 and UART2 on pin 11-13. I also want to use UART0 in my program but it is attached to console. How can I disable the UART0 console to use it as normal TTL serial? Thanks
  21. Hi everybody, My question is about stop a running program with C. I have written a c code to start program with system() function in orange pi zero. I am starting RTKLIB software, which is STR2STR and when my code starts the software with command str2str -in serial://ttyS1:115200 -out serial:ttyS2:115200, I can stop it with CTRL^C but I want to stop it from my software. When I got a TCP pocket containing a exit status word. It should stop the STR2STR software. I am not very good at linux. How can I do that? Thanks
  22. Hi everybody, I am trying to read a data on OPI Zero with wiring library. Here is my code. #include <string.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <wiringPi.h> #include <wiringSerial.h> #include <errno.h> char *datas[15]; char comming_buffer[256]; char command_run[256]; char veri00[10] = "serial"; char veri01[10] = "ntrip"; char veri02[10] = " "; char veri10[10] = "serial"; char veri11[10] = "tcpsvr"; char veri12[10] = "ntrips"; int k = 0; int *pk = &k; int datacount = 0; int *p_datacount=&datacount; int i = 0; int count = 0; int *p_count = &count; int data = 0; int *p_data = &data; int word_array = 0; int *p_word_array = &word_array; int main() { wiringPiSetup(); int fd; if ((fd = serialOpen("/dev/ttyS1", 115200)) < 0) { fprintf(stderr, "unable to open serial device:%s\n", strerror(errno)); return 1; } while (1) { char c = serialGetchar(fd); // read char to c comming_buffer[count] = c; // store c to array comming_buffer[count + 1] = '\0'; // count++; // toplam veri sayısı if (comming_buffer[count-1]=='*') { printf("%s", comming_buffer); count = 0; } } return 0; } I cannot read it to array. What can I do? Thanks
  23. Larry Bank, I also need to use 5inch monitor. According to your suggestion about SPI, I am going to use Composite Video Input Display. What library should I use to make programming. Also my plan is something like this: There is a power button to suppy orange pi zero, when we open it. It will boot up and start our program at the boot up. User will not do anything as user login or program start. Everything will start at boot up. Thanks
  24. Larry Bank, I am planning to use SPI LCD. I ordered this LCD 3.5" SPI TFT. But I need 5 inch display but I only found Video Input Display. If you suggest me a good 5" SPI TFT I can use it too. As a result, I will use both SPI TFT and Video Out. I will going to program all the things in C. How can I install librarys and I can start programming some little stuffs and go further. Thanks