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  1. sorry, but I did not quite understand if there is a version of armbian working on this box. is there a lite version so use it to download torrents and nas?
  2. can anyone tell me how to install this rom on the emmc memory? Nintendont
  3. can someone tell me how to install this version of retropie on the emmc? http://www.nintendont.it/download/nintendont-retropie-sunvell-r69-v1-2-0-beta/
  4. What is the right image on the site: http://kaiser-edv.de/tmp/NumpU8/? I would like to try ubuntu desktop
  5. Thanks a lot for the answer. which is the most stable version to install on the internal memory? Is kodi working? forgive me if I ask stupid questions but it's the first time I've approached armbian.
  6. hello, I would like to know if it was possible to install armbian on the box sunvell r69 - allwinner h2. if which instructions should I use?