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  1. May be Marylee96 could post by hacking skill but it is inconvenient to do that.
  2. Games won't work on this board because no adequeted video drivers for opengles / opengl .
  3. Openwrt aimed for lower embedded system. It optimized for size (most packages compiled with gcc -Os) which may cut many features from standard linux for minimal resource usage. It excels in routing and network system for low ram amount and slower cpu system. Armbian is heavier but better for SBC. It loaded with full features linux Debian or Ubuntu which is more flexible and better hardware support. I think everything Openwrt can do , Armbian also can do too but may be harder to config for case of networking use case.
  4. You may check by trying fresh install armbian. If armbian boot normally then try check your micro sd. You can check Micro SD card by using Linux OS filesystem check ( $ e2fsck -p /dev/sda1 ). After check micro sd util sure it not micro sd problem. Then your power adapter or your board has some problems. No, dont't use 2 power adapter at the same.
  5. It may be your power adapter is not provide enough power. You can check voltage on pin 2 (+) and pin 6 (ground) with multi-meter. Your power adapter is not good enough if voltage is below 5 volt.
  6. I would like to choose Odroid C2 but in my coutry, shipping + import tax added price to 100$ which too much for my requirement to compromise. It look like impossible to find acceptable board under 60$ for me. What do you think about ROC-RK3328-CC(70$) or ASUS Tinker board(85$)?
  7. Thanks. I have orange pi lite,it almost ok but a bit slow. I may try pc that has more ram.
  8. My use case is for internet browser and office software.
  9. What is the best board below 20USD price range?
  10. I test in Orange pi lite, both X11 and framebuffer. Xenial' X11 mode tests by glxgears fps is around 250-270 but Jessie is around 400-420, billiard game that use Opengl is noticable different. For framebuffer, I use retroarch that also noticable slow in Xenial. Anyone know why Xenial libMali is slower than Jessie?
  11. You may try edit config file by command, sudo nano /var/lib/alsa/asound.state control.4 { iface MIXER name 'MIC1 boost AMP gain control' value 0 # !!! <- change to 0 comment { access 'read write' type INTEGER count 1 range '0 - 7' } } I not sure that this method could solve your problem.
  12. There is no official support for those resolution on legacy kernel. Only mainline kernel supports those resolutions.