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  1. tommy

    Recommended SBC below 20USD range.

    My use case is for internet browser and office software.
  2. What is the best board below 20USD price range?
  3. Glxgears runs from Jessie Glxgears runs from Xenial
  4. I test in Orange pi lite, both X11 and framebuffer. Xenial' X11 mode tests by glxgears fps is around 250-270 but Jessie is around 400-420, billiard game that use Opengl is noticable different. For framebuffer, I use retroarch that also noticable slow in Xenial. Anyone know why Xenial libMali is slower than Jessie?
  5. tommy

    Alsamixer setting will not 'stick'

    You may try edit config file by command, sudo nano /var/lib/alsa/asound.state control.4 { iface MIXER name 'MIC1 boost AMP gain control' value 0 # !!! <- change to 0 comment { access 'read write' type INTEGER count 1 range '0 - 7' } } I not sure that this method could solve your problem.
  6. tommy

    HowTo: Setting up resolution 1600x900

    There is no official support for those resolution on legacy kernel. Only mainline kernel supports those resolutions.
  7. I want to use mainline kernel but I need graphic accleration too. Hope developers will achieve soon.
  8. tommy

    Fan doesn't work on orange pi plus 2e (running armbian)

    You don't need to enable GPIO on pin 2 because it's direct wire to power source. I guess either fan or power adapter has not enough juice.