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  1. I tested in terminal mode ,'$ sudo systemctl set-default multi-user" which has really good performance. Your cutting edge armbian can achieve PSX full 60fps speed in retroarch (however, in legacy, I use wrong parameter which seriously impact performance) and snes9x framerate improved. I really surprise it is faster than legacy in my case. Really great.
  2. I am interest your new cutting edge armbian image. Could you provide me your links? Thank you in advance. Lakka image files for rk322x rk3228a-mxq4kpro <- I tested this image rk3229-a95xr1 Any images has dtb in first fat partion. You may edit extlinux/extlinux.conf to correct device. It has samba service that can upload game roms but in my case wifi driver not work, only LAN work for my tv box.
  3. Finally, I could compile Lakka (Retroarch fork of LibreElec) for RK322x, thanks to Lakka LibreElec and modified knaerzche LibreElec for provide neccessary source code. Retroarch interface has more functions than LibreElec game addon. Performance is excellent to PSX @60fps level. I could upload binary if someone interested. I just look into mainline kenel. I use Armbian Focal kernel 5.10.y at main download page still study how to use hardware acceleration by Lima driver. Retroarch looks like slow because no active hardware acceleration yet. Hope I will figure out soon.
  4. Thanks fabiobassa and jock for your help. I use legacy kernel 4.4.194 ~$ cat /proc/version Linux version 4.4.194-rk322x (root@nott-xubuntu) (gcc version 8.3.0 (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 8.3-2019.03 (arm-rel-8.36)) ) #2 SMP Sat Oct 2 12:44:11 +07 2021 I try a dirty hack by change soft link of /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ from X11 version "" to "" for retroarch call library and set default login terminal by "$ sudo systemctl set-default multi-user". I set display resolution to 720x480 for reduce processing load. The result is acceptable to snes (use snes9x2010) level. I am an amature in Linux build system and C programing. I will try to learn to compile armbian avoiding X11 version but I not sure my knowledge and skill is enough. I have seen someone edit EmuElec(LibreElect with Retroarch interface) to could be run rk322x. I try to edit Emuelect source that almost done but dependencies are very fraustrated. Full Linux system like this armbian project is the best.
  5. Thank you for make a great project for this RK322x board. I try to build a retro gaming box but I stuck by a obstracle. I successfully compile retroarch (retro gaming frontend) but the performance is very good many gaming platforms but not enough for some , snes, PS one, psp because video fps is below 60fps in 480p resolution. Libreelec has a good performance but it lack control system. Lakka(Libreelec modify for retro gaming) maybe good enough but I could compile or find a working binary image. Android has a good performance too but bad interface. Could someone guide me to make this retro gaming box successful?
  6. May be Marylee96 could post by hacking skill but it is inconvenient to do that.
  7. Games won't work on this board because no adequeted video drivers for opengles / opengl .
  8. This tutorial is not for mainline kernel.
  9. Openwrt aimed for lower embedded system. It optimized for size (most packages compiled with gcc -Os) which may cut many features from standard linux for minimal resource usage. It excels in routing and network system for low ram amount and slower cpu system. Armbian is heavier but better for SBC. It loaded with full features linux Debian or Ubuntu which is more flexible and better hardware support. I think everything Openwrt can do , Armbian also can do too but may be harder to config for case of networking use case.
  10. You may check by trying fresh install armbian. If armbian boot normally then try check your micro sd. You can check Micro SD card by using Linux OS filesystem check ( $ e2fsck -p /dev/sda1 ). After check micro sd util sure it not micro sd problem. Then your power adapter or your board has some problems. No, dont't use 2 power adapter at the same.
  11. It may be your power adapter is not provide enough power. You can check voltage on pin 2 (+) and pin 6 (ground) with multi-meter. Your power adapter is not good enough if voltage is below 5 volt.
  12. I would like to choose Odroid C2 but in my coutry, shipping + import tax added price to 100$ which too much for my requirement to compromise. It look like impossible to find acceptable board under 60$ for me. What do you think about ROC-RK3328-CC(70$) or ASUS Tinker board(85$)?
  13. Thanks. I have orange pi lite,it almost ok but a bit slow. I may try pc that has more ram.
  14. My use case is for internet browser and office software.