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  1. tommy

    Alsamixer setting will not 'stick'

    You may try edit config file by command, sudo nano /var/lib/alsa/asound.state control.4 { iface MIXER name 'MIC1 boost AMP gain control' value 0 # !!! <- change to 0 comment { access 'read write' type INTEGER count 1 range '0 - 7' } } I not sure that this method could solve your problem.
  2. tommy

    HowTo: Setting up resolution 1600x900

    There is no official support for those resolution on legacy kernel. Only mainline kernel supports those resolutions.
  3. I want to use mainline kernel but I need graphic accleration too. Hope developers will achieve soon.
  4. tommy

    Fan doesn't work on orange pi plus 2e (running armbian)

    You don't need to enable GPIO on pin 2 because it's direct wire to power source. I guess either fan or power adapter has not enough juice.